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How To Use Quotient In A Sentence?

  • Take the quotient of the given year divided by 4, neglecting the remainder (321).
  • Divide by the atomic weights of the respective elements, and the quotient will be the number of atoms present.
  • They have about the same intelligence quotient that we have, and are physically almost identical except for our induced modifications.
  • The totals gained by the respective lists are then divided by the quotient thus obtained and the seats allotted to the lists accordingly.
  • The largest quotient is 1384, and this figure, which is taken as the new quota, allows of the allotment of fifteen seats.
  • The terms sum, remainder, product, and quotient are frequently applied indiscriminately in the four ground rules of arithmetic.
  • Creed having been the quotient of an Apostolic 'pic-nic', to which each of the twelve contributed his several 'symbolum'.
  • The ratio of representation in the house is ascertained by dividing the whole population of the state by the number one hundred; the quotient being the ratio for the next ten years.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quotient | Quotient Sentence

  • The quotient in this case is 1000.
  • There is only one non-recurring partial quotient a1.
  • Take the quotient of III.
  • Take the quotient of the given year divided by 4, neglecting the remainder.
  • Upon completion of the division, the quotient is in the In-Out Register.

Definition of Quotient

(arithmetic) The number resulting from the division of one number by another. | (mathematics) By analogy, the result of any process that is the inverse of multiplication as defined for any mathematical entities other than numbers. | (obsolete, rare) A quotum or quota.
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