Rabid in a sentence

Definition of Rabid

Affected with rabies. | Of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia. | Furious; raging; extremely violent.

How to use Rabid in a Sentence?

  • She was as unconcerned over the killing as if she had ordered a rabid dog to be shot.
  • There were also many victims of the prevailing epidemics of trench-fever and rabid influenza.
  • The spinal cord of a rabid dog was obtained, and with this the first rabbit was inoculated.
  • As for the cases where rabid persons have barked and bit like dogs, there are plenty of such on record.
  • This minister-scientist-physician wrote an account of his treatment of a case of hydrophobia resulting from the bite of a rabid dog.
  • Wounds caused by the bite of rabid animals or venomous serpents, should be immediately cleansed with pure water.
  • Where formerly the elegant lovers of the nobility were wont to promenade, the rabid populace held undisputed possession.
  • We have captured a dozen or more rabid Indians who but half an hour ago were strewing the hillside with our dead.
  • The language was the language of Whitechapel, but the sentiments were the sentiments of even the most rabid purist of speech.
  • It is furthermore prescribed in India for syphilis and leprosy and is one of the many remedies used for the bites of rabid animals.
  • Van Tricasse found it impossible to assuage his thirst, and remained in a state of rabid semi-intoxication.
  • Good news comes often quietly, arriving like dawn; bad news like a rabid beast leaping for the throat.
  • This was the plan: recruit rabid fans right away, get 'em in costume, and put 'em up on the scaffolds.
  • Ponk, being by nature a rabid little game-cock, was full of the thing, and was no more companionable than the Macphersons.
  • What Tilak could do by secret agitation and by a rabid campaign in the Press to raise popular resentment to a white heat he did.
  • Furious books by rabid socialists who hold that the poor will never be uplifted while there is left in the world a man rich enough to pay them wages.
  • Wilkes Booth was a rabid Southerner and believed that since the North had conquered, vengeance was necessary.
  • Many think that the only sure preventive of evil following the bite of a rabid dog is to suck the wound immediately, before the poison has had time to circulate with the blood.
  • With such a disposition obedience was no longer difficult, and the remarkable lady healed all manners of diseases, from modest toothache to rabid madness.
  • These were the rabid Abolitionists, who were perfectly willing that the nation should be destroyed rather than that it should continue to exist half-slave and half-free.
  • There she was again with the innocent egotism, the gilded and overflowing anarchism, really, of her doubtless quite unwitting but none the less rabid modern note.

Short Example Sentence for Rabid

  • They were sought with a bold and rabid pertinacity.
  • I was inspired by a new and rabid curiosity.
  • A boy had been bitten and lacerated by a rabid dog.
  • I did all I could to calm these rabid sheep.
  • So he's a rabid radical!
  • What is the treatment of wounds caused by the bite of rabid animals?
  • Grudgingly the workmen admitted it, even the most rabid of them.
  • A woman was addressing the rabid conspirators in tones of deadly earnestness.
  • He was so much enraged that he fairly frothed at the mouth like a rabid dog.
  • They refused to go at first, upon which he grew rabid with anger.
  • I must except politics, however, for in these he could be rabid and savage.
  • The Hugers were South Carolinians though, and therefore rabid Confederates.