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  • We raced to let down the bars.
  • They raced across the pasture.
  • He raced to the cabin and flung open the door.
  • I raced down the hill to the culvert over the hay slough.
  • They raced to the breach in the wire wall of the stockade.
  • Mile after mile raced back from the spinning wheels.
  • So he raced along the edge of the duck-pond at top speed.
  • Charlie Bryant raced back to his house.
  • Fyles gave a sigh of relief and raced Peter forward.
  • As they raced up to the last hurdle every eye was fixed on the horses.
  • I conceded her various starts and we raced up and down the middle garden path.
  • With a sickening fear at his heart, he turned and raced for the cabin.
  • Lew raced toward it, gathered himself for a leap and sprang upward.
  • Then, at another headlong gallop, he raced down toward the village.
  • Then, of course, when the ponies saw the open gate they raced out.
  • Arnold leaned a little forward, watching, as the car raced on to its goal.
  • The pony, with hackamore dangling, raced across the plain toward the hills.
  • Then Bowles leaned forward in his saddle and raced them for the high ground.

How To Use Raced In A Sentence?

  • He let out the last ounce of power that he possessed as he raced on to the sleeping town.
  • Pebbles clattered from her hoofs and spun skyward as she raced along the level of the hilltop.
  • A thousand plans raced through his head, only to be rejected as soon as formed.
  • Again he sought the stream, and the lesser effort, and the little craft raced on.
  • In their happiness they raced to their mother, who watched them with loving, proud eyes.
  • For a moment, the boat towered on the top of a wave, which raced in towards the shore.
  • The hoisting cage was down, and, as I raced toward it, the man in the gray coat scrambled in.
  • Pinkie Whiskers, Winkle and Twinkle raced down to the creek and looked down into the water.
  • A mass of clouds had just raced before the moon, leaving it free to shed its light until another should envelop it.
  • But either there had been no more snakes within it or else all had fled, for the dog raced eagerly about but found nothing to alarm him.
  • I raced up to the attic in nothing flat, almost knocking my teeth out on the bottom step of the attic stairs.
  • I turned away from the bank and raced up a long slope to a saw-backed ridge that promised largely of unobstructed view.
  • Instantly a hundred men rose from different directions and raced for the arena, each with a curved sword in either hand.
  • He raced to the tracks and threw himself from the machine, almost falling headlong from the momentum, although he had turned off the power.
  • They raced to the corner, scurried down the first side street, turned again, and slowed to a gallop.
  • The high gate swung to on the harvest of the long round-up, and the punchers raced their horses to be first at the waiting chuck-wagon.
  • Faster than he had ever raced to a forest fire, the forester sped along the trail, his companions striving doggedly to keep up with him.
  • Down came the whip again, and the great team, with the saddle horse beside them, raced with bellies low to the ground.
  • Pankburn dropped the stewards and raced for it, beating a Rapa sailor by two jumps to the hauling part.
  • And while the dog was making the valley ring with his clamor, Charley raced to his pack and got the coil of rope.
  • And therewithal the king leapt unto Pellinore, and took him by the middle and threw him down, and raced off his helm.
  • In a second the troopers charged the wagon, while two of their horses, with empty saddles, raced from the cover, and vanished down the trail.

Definition of Raced

(social studies) Belonging to a certain race of people. | simple past tense and past participle of race
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