Radiantly In A Sentence

Definition of Radiantly

In a manner that is radiant; glowingly.

How To Use Radiantly In A Sentence?

  • And the mistress of all these things stood smiling radiantly at the bright sunshine.
  • She had been so truly wretched an hour ago, and now how radiantly happy she was.
  • It is on record that martyrs could radiantly smile even when the slow fire was applied.
  • Behind him walked a girl radiantly beautiful, wearing a robe of misty fragrance.
  • The stars appeared radiantly coldly white up in the vast blue windy vault of the sky.
  • She was dressed in a winter toilet of carefully-studied simplicity, and looked radiantly handsome.
  • There she offered us neither bread nor wine, but stood radiantly desiring our departure.
  • She was dressed in the costume of an Indian princess and looked radiantly beautiful.
  • She came at last from the side platform, a radiantly beautiful woman, with the air of an empress.
  • His handsome face, radiantly happy, bent close to hers, but she shrank away from him.
  • In spite of all these dangers and political responsibilities, Victoria was radiantly happy.
  • Yet, like all true mystics, he was radiantly happy and serene; rich in the midst of poverty.
  • In richest robes all radiantly arrayed, To be his ladye and his dear delight.
  • Young Lucretia was a homely little girl, although her face was always radiantly good-humored.
  • He saw them married on board and radiantly happy as they approached the land that was to be her home.
  • Nevertheless, the prospect of the garden-party dawned radiantly for him above what had hitherto been a rather gloomy horizon.
  • He watched the luggage being taken in and the cab drive away, and then he turned radiantly back to the fire.
  • The girl had been looking radiantly about her as they drove along the single broad, straggling street of the township.
  • He realised then and there that he had never seen such beautiful teeth, nor any creature so radiantly beautiful, for that matter.
  • A passing group attracted his attention, two faultlessly dressed gentlemen and a radiantly expensive lady.
  • If the weeds in the garden fail to make us radiantly happy, it is not because they are weeds, but because they are the wrong weeds.
  • But his little face was radiantly bright as he sat opposite his nurse and ate his hot mutton and rice pudding at the nursery table.
  • The day had been radiantly calm; the sea seemed to be as still as the well, and the well was as still as a mirror.
  • Several were in evening dress, but most had the morning garb of the politician; the women were either severely rational or radiantly magnificent.
  • In his relationship with Ethelberta the young man was radiantly happy; but that very circumstance aroused his suspicions.
  • It was small wonder, for Jeannette had never been more radiantly lovely than in the distinguished plainness of her traveling costume.
  • Aristide rose, and, putting his hands behind the tails of his frock-coat, stood smiling radiantly on the hearthrug.
  • There they found an elderly woman, radiantly beautiful, with two handsome boys and girls, the like of whom they had never seen.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Radiantly | Radiantly Sentence

  • They were both radiantly happy.
  • Nor so radiantly beautiful.
  • Lutie was radiantly happy.
  • He began radiantly and with fervour.
  • Madeleine was smiling radiantly as she entered.
  • The little fellow was radiantly happy.
  • The colonel had looked quite radiantly happy that morning.
  • So fresh, so sweet, so radiantly pure!
  • The lecturer set out again on his travels, and was radiantly and happily busy.
  • Her brown head flashed up then, radiantly eloquent of entire understanding.
  • She stood beside him; she was radiantly happy, but she did not show it much.
  • Then his grin became more profoundly Chinese, more radiantly joyful.
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