Radishes In A Sentence

Definition of Radishes

plural of radish

How To Use Radishes In A Sentence?

  • As with buying radishes at Yanagibara; one good for nothing, and bringing anything but honour....
  • Besides the radishes already mentioned, there is an extensive cultivation of various other esculent roots and vegetables.
  • To prepare radishes for eating, wash them and lay them in clean cold water as soon as they are brought in.
  • Some of the vegetables were positively getting radishes and carrots on their roots, as Bettie put it.
  • What say you to radishes twenty inches round, and grown in nothing but sand, without any manure or preparation of the ground?
  • Arrange lettuce leaves on a round platter, pile neatly in the centre a dozen red radishes sliced thin with the red peel left on.
  • It was the first thing they had from their new garden, and Hal and Mab, who were allowed to eat a few, thought the radishes very good.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Radishes | Radishes Sentence

  • But of course radishes do not keep over winter.
  • Seedling radishes reaching for light 119 67.
  • Some like radishes and garden cress and a few things of that nature.
  • Crisp radishes and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes added to the fare.
  • Asparagus is looking up, and radishes are taking a downward direction.

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