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  • If the rafters are too far below me you must let me down to them by one of your coats.
  • They were both fastened by stout ropes to rings fixed in the rafters of the barn.
  • The walls and rafters were blackened by the smoke which escaped through a cover in the roof.
  • Filling the middle corresponds to putting rafters on a building to support the roof.
  • He sat down on one of the fallen rafters of the roof and considered what it was best to do next.
  • The guests walked in laughing and talking with their big voices so that the rafters rang.
  • Then one could see the rafters of the roof while shuddering with cold in the grottolike interior.
  • As soon as the clapboards were applied, we nailed on the rafters and then applied the roofing.
  • He looked up at the worm-eaten, oaken rafters which had stood the wear of centuries.
  • The front ends of the rafters are connected by a longitudinal, 18 feet in length.
  • Nothing else has been changed; the ancient rafters and walls remain as they were a century ago.
  • It was formed by two forked stakes and a cross-bar, with rafters slanted from this to the ground.
  • You can well be in the room behind the granary, as one or two of the rafters need mending.
  • The two lay on their faces side by side, the rafters of the archway low on their heads.
  • We next fastened a rough tree aloft over all, upon which we laid our rafters and our roof.
  • The rough stud and rafters were stained a dark brown, and the boards of the roof whitewashed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rafters | Rafters Sentence

  • How the rafters rang!
  • The rafters are spears.
  • Max laughed until the rafters rang.
  • Eight and forty were the rafters of its roof.
  • And his eyes wandered greedily over the rafters above him.
  • A sheet was tacked to the rafters over the bed.
  • They redden on the dark rafters of the ceiling.
  • The beams of our house are cedar and our rafters of fir.
  • I made the rafters of slabs, with the round side down.
  • The rafters of the Home.
  • He the noble queen counselled: the rafters burst asunder.
  • Plaster, furniture, rafters and men poured down in a mass.
  • Shall I go to gnawing the rafters without this office?
  • The rafters 125 233.
  • Till roof and rafters a' did dirl.
  • Projecting rafters of unpolished wood crossed each other beneath the ceiling.
  • Through the roofs and rafters gambol all sorts of wretched pests.
  • Next the rafters were set in place, one on each upright slab.
  • Under dusty rafters and on a floor of stone the huge warping reels stood.
  • Rude rafters of poplar are laid across the walls about two feet apart.
  • Next came the disguising of the rafters and "collar-ties" of the building.
  • Why, the smoky black rafters overhead had to tug hard to hold the roof on.
  • The roof rafters are 2 x 4's placed every two feet.
  • Then he raises the horn high toward the rafters and I know his meaning.

Definition of Rafters

plural of rafter
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