Raid In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Raid | Raid Sentence

  • The raid had been complete.
  • The raid was made not long after that.
  • What in his raid he had wreaked to their despite.
  • I wondered if a raid might not be possible.
  • This raid was important in two ways.
  • A raid is made only when the moon is full.
  • Rosie could not possibly raid her own bank.
  • Co-operate with your air raid warden.
  • My position during a bombing raid was most unenviable.
  • We can even handle an ordinary raid in force.
  • The air raid lasted about one hour.
  • The task of reporting upon the raid was about to commence.
  • The other failed to detonate, but the raid was over.
  • A typical hacker raid goes something like this.
  • Twas the surprise of the raid which left us thus helpless.
  • There was a raid in force now, and the turmoil ceased.
  • We all wanted to have a Raid at once in revenge.
  • A raid on the Jews was popular.
  • There has never been a raid on Kragujevatz before.
  • To toil, to labour, to raid the golden hoards.
  • The Annersley raid was not a popular subject with them.
  • The Germans raid us on occasions.
  • We are going to raid the German submarine base tonight.
  • The pirates made a sudden raid upon Seville.
  • Somewhere, the Nipe would hit and raid again.
  • Archipelago, islands of the, 182, raid on, 187.
  • Do you remember that Zepp raid over Lancashire?
  • Stafford, county, Indian raid in, 146.
  • The raid had lasted, I imagine, just about twenty minutes.
  • Suppose Gary did lead that raid on ole man Annersley?
  • The raid on Panama had brought Drake enormous wealth.
  • The attack began with an air raid on Bar-le-Duc.
  • The air raid on Friedrichshafen, November 21, 1914.
  • At this time John Morgan made a raid into Ohio.
  • Fort Defence, 60; the Indian raid on, 61.
  • I was livin' in Pilot Knob when Price's raid come through.
  • He told her again about the raid and she nodded delightedly over it.
  • They had undertaken the raid and its attendant risk to themselves.
  • Let's make a raid on the place.

How To Use Raid In A Sentence?

  • There was some discussion as to whether it should be a raid or a consolidation.

Definition of Raid

(transitive) To engage in a raid against. | (transitive) To lure from another; to entice away from. | (transitive) To indulge oneself by taking from.

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