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  • Karg was a railroad man.
  • A railroad was about to cross the country somewhere.
  • Suppose some friends travel on the railroad to visit us.
  • It's her that's got the railroad up her sleeve.
  • Among the railroad men, too, he had much sympathy.
  • Then Bert mentioned the railroad episode.
  • I hope the old railroad ain't scared 'em all away.
  • I know, I'm the only railroad that don't.
  • Where is there in our neighborhood a freight railroad station?
  • You don't know these railroad men.
  • Of all this commotion the railroad men saw only the outward indications.
  • To the railroad men the country offered no unusual difficulties.
  • A smile softened the asperity of the railroad man's face.
  • He and Anderson have had trouble over this railroad business, some way.
  • Haven't I an agreeable part of the railroad business, don't you think?
  • I'm the railroad for our town, and I've got that one beat to a frazzle.
  • Well, that is more interesting to J. Quincy than if the railroad had come.
  • Now, that's another reason why we ought to have a railroad at Heart's Desire.
  • When the railroad comes the first thing it'll bring will be locks and bolts.
  • I go to a railroad station first--Aden.

How To Use Railroad In A Sentence?

  • A wooden bridge or trestle had been built across the marsh for a railroad track.
  • When the shooting matches were announced a brown-eyed railroad man was asked to enter.
  • It was after Lawrence had crossed this railroad that he had his first serious trouble.
  • Bucks says that any man that c'n run this division c'n run any railroad on earth.
  • But a railroad case, which is a damage case right through, the worse they are the more you git.
  • The railroad men circled far and wide, only to find the herd tracks everywhere ahead of them.
  • For one while we thought he was throwin' us down in this railroad deal, but now we know he wasn't.
  • Of course, the railroad company could condemn and confiscate, but it did not wish to confiscate.
  • McCloud was an exception to every tradition that goes to make up a mountain railroad man.
  • The foolish sheep, in their terror, ran along the railroad track in front of the moving train.
  • Soon they came in sight of the railroad embankment, and Dick slowed down slightly.
  • About two miles brought us to the Blue Ridge where the railroad tunnel pierces its foundations.
  • Whole bunch of them railroad folks comin' up on the mornin' train from El Paso.
  • Your dad's goin' to run the railroad into Heart's Desire, and we'll all live happy ever after.
  • Which may have been the reason that when he came to a railroad crossing, he was less careful than usual.
  • After a while he noticed that a passable looking road skirted the railroad to the left, and he resolved to try it.
  • In the streets, little groups of men discussed the fragmentary reports as they came from the railroad offices.
  • Those of the railroad men who said he could not deliver a completed line within the year could never be answered now.
  • Conceive two railroad trains to pass each other, running in opposite directions, the engine bells of both trains ringing.
  • The two men parleyed for a moment, disputed each other sharply, and rode together back to the railroad party.

Definition of Railroad

(transitive) To transport via railroad. | (intransitive) To operate a railroad. | (intransitive) To work for a railroad.
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