Rained In A Sentence

How To Use Rained In A Sentence?

  • It rained the next day, and they tramped disconsolately through village after village.
  • It has rained all night, but the man in the lift was hopeful when we came up from breakfast.
  • It generally rained at night, and the flimsy huts did little to keep out the wet.
  • It rained a good deal during the night, but the morning turned out remarkably fine.
  • One day it rained very hard, and her mother told her not to go out, lest she should take cold.
  • The English behind the fortifications rained upon them missiles of every description.
  • It had rained during the night, and as I came out the air was soft and easy to breathe.
  • And tears rained from my eyes when I understood those rhymes were lost forever....
  • So you'd think that if it rained hard and raised the water a inch it would overflow it.
  • There is no account of its having rained baled hay, nor is it even claimed that they were miraculously fed.
  • During the night it rained heavily, and the tide pounded fiercely on the boulders only a few feet below their resting-place.
  • But the official was unable to protect him, and blows with fists and sticks literally rained on the defenceless fellow.
  • It had rained the night before and everything, even the air seemed newly washed for a fresh trial at living.
  • A cry went up from the wagon's escort, and a hail of bullets rained upon the ambush.
  • It had rained in the night; and every flower was shining with rain-drops, and as bright as if it had just been painted.
  • It rained dismally all night, and morning opened with a strong head wind and every symptom of bad weather.
  • All night it had rained in torrents; no gleam of sunlight came to gladden our eyes or thaw the stiffened limbs of our soldiers.
  • A good score of electric burners glowed red for the fraction of a second, then rained merciless white beams into our blinded eyes.
  • All night, at intervals of ten minutes, they rained shells upon the fort, causing it considerable damage.
  • It rained on the way home, and it seemed to him significant that his first ride and his last with Becky should have been in the rain.
  • But the Germans aft pressed into the heat of the conflict, disregarding shots rained upon them by the allies.
  • When it rained she shut herself up in her own room, and pitied herself for the ungenial skies as she had pitied herself for some other things before now.
  • The woman, who wore a white dress, was clasped in the arms of the man, while he rained hot, passionate kisses upon her brow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rained | Rained Sentence

  • It rained incessantly.
  • It rained that night.
  • It rained very heavily all those days.
  • Rapidly they rained blows upon the fire.
  • It rained every day for a week.
  • I was called at four, and it rained in torrents.
  • Still it rained steadily, and still the crowds waited.
  • It rained for an hour as it can do only among these mountain regions.
  • And then that wonderful tree just rained down all manner of lovely fruit.
  • It looked as if it had rained all night and would continue to rain all day.
  • It had rained the whole night, and the morning brought no cessation.
  • It rained a great deal that summer, and it was hot and humid.
  • I issued a call for jam yesterday and ever since it has rained pots and pots.
  • They aimed with deliberation, though the balls and bullets rained around them.
  • He clasped her to his heart, and rained kisses upon her, and then he laughed.
  • I knew he would take it badly that it rained on his Evening of Honour.
  • Blood that rained in the Isle of Wight, attested by Sir Jo.

Definition of Rained

simple past tense and past participle of rain
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