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  • Of mashing or raking liquors.
  • But our batteries are raking them horribly.
  • It was a fair raking position.
  • Her husband was raking for dear life.
  • Along the lowered eve he came horribly raking us.
  • But it does seem to me that I have heard of raking a yard.
  • What would I gain by raking up a painful story?
  • She had probably been killed by our first raking broad-side.
  • Do you ask me to be always raking up those poor devils underneath?
  • The baker was just raking the fire out of the little door on the side.
  • Don't let them get a raking shot at you.
  • Scarcely had he uttered the words, when a raking shot cut him in two.
  • The man's shoulder dripped blood from a raking wound.
  • We was fanning out wheat and one of de children was raking out de wheat.
  • Think of the days of reaping, of cradling, of raking and binding and mowing.
  • But Harry noted that the raking fire of their own cannon had been effective.
  • The boys found the Cub leader in his front yard, raking leaves.
  • I heard the Man went raking and rummaging about like any Richardson.
  • If Shah had wanted to hurt the pup, raking claws could have torn deep furrows.

How To Use Raking In A Sentence?

  • I do not have to drive fast, and the raking is the easiest work in the field.
  • He was raking up some dried leaves and grass and a small, red-haired boy was watching him.
  • Don't leave a dung-heap without raking it, or a haystack that you don't scatter.
  • Little Jim, meanwhile, had been raking his mind for an idea as to how he might attract attention.
  • Grandpa Martin was raking up around the tents, so no one saw the Curlytops slip away.
  • I was sorry that I could not play my part; but I have led rather a raking life lately.
  • Let us leave them and their squabbles over what is unessential, their raking up of old letters and old stories.
  • Boat-rides are occasionally participated in, and lots of sport is found in raking the river-bed for oysters.
  • Harrowing and raking aid in controlling soil ventilation, and put the soil in better condition to absorb moisture.
  • It slanted a little to one side in order that when the pigeons lighted on the pole we could get a good raking shot at them.
  • This was known as a push machine with a straight cutter, the operator walking by the side of the machine and raking the grain from the platform.
  • She did not attempt to round to, to give us her broadside, and our raking shot must have had great effect.
  • In raking the tobacco into his pipe with his fingers, he must have pressed into the bowl a stray cartridge left some time in the pocket.
  • I found him raking the garden in his third best suit and the impossible sort of hat affected by professional men in their more human occasions.
  • Once more the latter tacked, and passing under the stranger's stern, poured in a raking broadside.
  • Then, when all his other tricks had failed, he started in a run for the center post of the corral, with the intention of raking me off.
  • There need be no decorations except the natural ones of the orchard; preparations may consist of raking out dead leaves and branches.
  • Lestiboudois was raking by her side, and every time he came near she lent forward, beating the air with both her arms.
  • Standing on, he ranged past her larboard bow, where he renewed his raking fire, with like fatal effect.
  • She could feel his eyes raking her from head to foot, she could see his great hand going up to tap his crinkly moustache.
  • Taboo crouched by the open door during service, raking the gravel-walk with his crooked fingers, and hitching about with indefatigable industry.

Definition of Raking

Swiftly moving. | Sloping; having a rake or incline. | present participle of rake
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