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  • They never saw Rama again.
  • Only the one called Rama remained.
  • Ravana quits Rama to assist his son.
  • The approach of Rama puts an end to the contest.
  • At the close of the play, Rama faints.
  • And four boys were born of her, with Rama for the fifth.
  • Rama: legend of Rama and constitution of Ramayana, p. 98.
  • La condesa soltó la rama é inclinó la cabeza sonriendo afablemente.
  • The attendant soldiers cry out that Rama is the only hero of the world.
  • Arrest Rama too," he added with rage.
  • And although the youngest, Rama was superior to all in merit.
  • In the way Rama performs a miracle by kicking away the skeleton of a giant.
  • When Rama came home, his father himself told him all that had happened.
  • She gives Rama a note from Vibhishana praying for his refuge.
  • Angada, the son of Bali, is sent by Rama to Ravana to demand Sita.
  • The supposed animal is chased by Rama and Lakshmana at Sita's request.

How To Use Rama In A Sentence?

  • Jatayu perches on the mountain and marks the hero Rama in pursuit of the swift deer.
  • Then when Rama saw how the cow was lowing for its calf, resentment arose in his heart.
  • It was thus that the lakes of the illustrious Rama of the Bhrigu race became sacred.
  • The illustrious Rama was equal unto Sakra in prowess, and invincible in battle.
  • The love of Rama and Sita, purified by sorrow during the late exile, is most tender.
  • His brother Sugriva is inaugurated as king and determines to assist Rama to recover Sita.
  • He falls exclaiming on Rama and Lakshmana, which leads Bharata to discover his mistake.
  • He performs various feats at Lanka and returns to Rama whose hosts now advance towards Lanka.
  • The illustrious Rama was like unto Indra, the lord of Yama himself, and the slayer of Namuchi!
  • Thereupon Rama immediately took up an axe and therewith severed his mother's head.
  • The play is a dramatized version of the story of Rama interspersed with numerous purely descriptive poetic passages.
  • Lava obeys the call and after some conversation in which he ridicules the powers of Rama and infuriates his antagonist, they go out to fight.
  • And while thus attacked by his foes, he repeatedly shouted the name of Rama in a helpless and piteous way.
  • She is herself invisible to Rama through the favour of the Bhagirathi but able to thrill with emotions by her touch.
  • The people are satisfied with her purity and Rama takes her back with the children who are introduced by Valmiki.
  • The mutual sorrows of Rama and Sita in their state of separation are pleasingly and tenderly expressed.
  • Kabandha then appears, to thank Rama for killing him, being thereby liberated from a curse and restored to a divine condition.
  • Lakshmana now asks Rama and Sita to come out and see their early history drawn on the terrace of the palace.
  • He enters the interior of the palace, the guards and attendants being afraid to stop him, and calls upon Rama to show himself.
  • Soon after, the horse of the horse-sacrifice of Rama comes near and he goes out with other boys to see the fun while the elders go to see the host.
  • But its great home is the North, where millions worship Rama with passionate and all-absorbing love.
  • Besides, the expedition of Rama is obviously fabulous, for his army was composed not of Aryans but of apes.
  • An incident now occurs which leads Rama to revisit the Dandaka forest, the scene of his former exile.
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