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  • Its ramifications are many and astonishing.
  • He was familiar with all the ramifications of commerce.
  • Thus my analytical mind threshed out the ramifications of possibilities.
  • To obey her might be to win new insight into the ramifications of her plans.
  • The International has its ramifications in the Catalonian capital.
  • Through ramifications of narrow streets I steered the car out of Cadiz.

How To Use Ramifications In A Sentence?

  • It was not a little puzzling to perceive the intricate ramifications of the paths in these parts.
  • It has a marked appearance from the ramifications of little veins of fat among the muscles.
  • The ramifications are lost in the periphery amid fine granulations that resemble spores.
  • The vascular membrane consists of the ramifications of a minute artery and its accompanying vein.
  • The ramifications of the hepatic artery distributed to this cellular envelope; 3.
  • You can't do everything in a maze that has such extraordinary ramifications as this.
  • The ramifications of these series freely anastomose with corresponding vessels of the opposite side.
  • The ramifications of our lack of national spirit are so multifarious that it is impossible to go into them as a whole.
  • The ramifications of two or three aristocracies represented the only subject she might be said to know.
  • It possesses endless underground ramifications and knotted connections with other groups and neighbouring groves of nettles.
  • Within twelve hours they had effected an organization whose ramifications extended into wholly unexpected places.
  • The plain begins to undulate, for we are approaching the outer ramifications of the eastern orographic system.
  • The pustular surface extends to the minute ramifications of the bronchiae, and their cells beyond were highly injected.
  • Not even you can fathom all the ramifications of the intrigues in which I find myself an indispensable puppet.
  • The latter was then in a most flourishing condition, and its ramifications extended to all parts of Europe.
  • He had gone on, exploring and explaining the ramifications of the plans for the next few weeks, but he had carefully kept it on the same level.
  • However, these writers all owned computers, and took an intense and public interest in the social ramifications of the information industry.
  • It has ramifications everywhere, the police are becoming powerless to cope with it, and a secret reign of terror goes on at this hour.
  • Dink went romping back like a young spring goat, his busy mind seizing all the ramifications possible from the central theory.
  • He had not realised before the extent of the ramifications of New York's underworld.
  • He became primitive, literal in his conception; the ramifications were, for the nonce, fairly relegated to limbo.
  • The three ramifications mentioned, of which the Duthumi forms the first link, are separated by immense longitudinal plains.
  • In the presentation of a novel outlook with wide ramifications a single line of communications from premises to conclusions is not sufficient for intelligibility.
  • A glance or two at this imposing organization chart lying before me begins to show the many, many ramifications of the huge Macy business tree.
  • As the ramifications of the plot spread they were perceived by the renowned Sheikh Sherif, who still nursed his chagrin and thirsted for revenge.
  • The stock was turned out upon the range with its numerous ramifications of ravines and thickets, and before the morning dawned many of the animals were out of our sight.
  • It is difficult to form any accurate estimate, or to draw any very minute picture of the state of manners and nicer ramifications of society at so remote a period.
  • Plato was the first person in the history of the world to produce a great all-embracing system of philosophy, which has its ramifications in all departments of thought and reality.
  • He owes this partly to the numerous ramifications of his family, partly to his reputation as a hereditary robber, and also to the wealth he has amassed in his vocation.
  • To sketch the ramifications of the superstition of the Wild Hunt, however, would require a volume, so numerous and various are they.
  • Tributary crevices were subject to the same action; and there was finally created by each of these water systems a network of cavities whose ramifications sometimes extend throughout several townships.
  • The routes upon which lines of steam packets can be sustained and made profitable to the owners are comparatively few, when we take into view the infinitely diversified ramifications of trade.
  • Always he came back to Beatrice and the ramifications reaching from Constantinople to London and thence to Shereling.
  • And, though he did not stay to analyse the probabilities of when and how, he apprehended up-croppings, developments, and ramifications of the said nuisance in the future.

Definition of Ramifications

plural of ramification
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