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  • What nerves ramify upon this membrane?
  • Few filaments ramify upon the mucous membranes and muscles.

How To Use Ramify In A Sentence?

  • The origin of the internal respiratory or phrenic nerve, that is seen to ramify on the diaphragm.
  • I do not wish to enter very much at large into the discussions which diverge and ramify in all ways from this productive subject.
  • The nerves divide and subdivide, until their minute filaments ramify on the tissues of the different organs.
  • From this plexus six nerves proceed, which ramify upon the muscles and skin of the upper extremities.
  • The epidermis is devoid of bloodvessels, but is provided with fine nerve fibrils which ramify between the cells of the rete mucosum.
  • The latter process is long, the burrows ramify far into the mound, and it is not just known in which the ferret remains.
  • The air cells are not limited to the bones, but ramify through the body, and in some cases extend among the muscles.
  • Has not that trunk its tapering limbs which ramify into hands and feet, and these into fingers and toes, after the manner of the twigs and branches of a tree?
  • The air which contains this vapor is drawn into the nose, and is in this way brought into contact with the very delicate nerves of smell that ramify the membrane which lines the air-passages of this organ.

Definition of Ramify

(transitive, intransitive) To divide into branches or subdivisions. | (figuratively) To spread or diversify into multiple fields or categories.
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