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  • Penny climbed a steep ramp to the street.
  • But the maneuver at the head of the ramp surprised him.
  • Eene verschrikkelijke ramp heeft mij getroffen.
  • But he did not head toward the roof opening and the ramp inside the building.
  • A dignified, portly man came panting up the ramp toward her.
  • Reminds me of that foreign chap went on the religious ramp in Italy.
  • Het koor schijnt hersteld te zijn geworden na de ramp van 1382.
  • I'm certain he ran a ramp at Leopardstown.
  • The hall gave upon a ramp leading down, and Raf recognized this.
  • With the words, Wells leaped to the ramp and raced to the control room.
  • Thence, following my guide, I mounted the ramp and entered the courtyard.
  • Hja hede seith boppa Fryas landum swabbert ramp mith juk and kedne omme.
  • Preceded by two trembling guns, McKegnie tiptoed to the ramp and peered down.
  • And when's the first to Milwaukee?" "At nineteen hundred, ramp eighty-seven.

How To Use Ramp In A Sentence?

  • The last man had filed up the ramp to the sphere at the center of the hour-glass shaped craft.
  • So, for the moment, they dismissed the ramp idea for motor trucks and held to that of elevators.
  • Even Harry Griffith turned his head to gaze toward the entrance ramp of the drawbridge.
  • Niets kon de vreeselijke ramp doen vermoeden, die zestien van de zeventien Europeanen wachtte.
  • A short time later Rick called for instructions and was told to beach at Ramp Three.
  • Where a course has to be left unfinished it should be ended with a diagonal ramp so as to splice in with the work that follows.
  • He strode down the connecting ramp to the lower deck, where he found fifteen men standing vigilantly at posts.
  • And he did not mind the long climb back, ramp by steep ramp, which brought him out at last beside the flyer.
  • He broke off, wordless, waiting for an answer that did not come, then sprang to the connecting ramp and ran to the deck below.
  • A winding ramp led upwards on the outside, connecting the stages with each other, and allowing a chariot to be driven along it to the top.
  • He kept behind the girl all the way, pausing before pushing her up the open ramp at the top, then moving even more closely behind her.
  • At the other end the bottom of the pond sloped upward gradually, so that a ramp of smooth rock was formed, emerging out of shallow water.
  • Alles in het treurspel van mijn ramp is afzichtelijk geweest, minwaardig, terugstootend, gebrekkig in stijl.
  • Once again Dalgard read his mind and waved the mermen back, sending them through the door to the ramp and the lower engine room.
  • Watching his opportunity, King slipped down the ramp and into the crowd, while the mullah was busy with personal belongings in the cave.
  • But within, the officer passed along a corridor to a ramp which brought them out, after what was for Raf a steep climb, upon the roof.
  • Malone said: "Oog," replaced the man on his own feet and looked past him at the group on the landing ramp outside.
  • Connel walked back to the outside of the hangar and began bellowing orders for the giant ship to be brought out to the blast ramp and prepared for the blast-off.
  • The poor lost spirit must ramp and roar among the "welshers" of the outer darkness, for the paradise of the Ring is closed to him for evermore.
  • Rynason played the beam back and forth along the steps, cutting them down to a smooth ramp which the attackers would have to climb before they could get to him.
  • In hun oogen is de gevangenis een ramp in iemands leven, een ongeluk, een speling van het toeval, iets dat medegevoel opwekt in anderen.
  • But when the go-ahead signal was given and the ramp swung out, those first at the hatch still hesitated for an instant or so, though the way before them was open.
  • The van behind me nudged us up the ramp and we hurtled forward against a thick, resilient pad that stopped my car without any damage either to the car or to the inhabitants.
  • At the end where the river formed a tangent to them the rings were flattened, and at that point they were cut into by the ramp of a bridge, and by a lane left to connect the bridge with the arena.

Definition of Ramp

To behave violently; to rage. | (obsolete, intransitive) To spring; to leap; to bound, rear, or prance; to move swiftly or violently. | (obsolete, intransitive) To climb, like a plant; to creep up.
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