Ran Away In A Sentence

How To Use Ran Away In A Sentence?

  • Spalton ran away from him ...
  • They ran away after the sleigh turned over.
  • He ran away from college to go.
  • You ran away and you must be returned here.
  • Then he lost his mind and ran away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ran Away | Ran Away Sentence

  • They both ran away from each other!
  • Even then some ran away.
  • And then he ran away.
  • I ran away from you.
  • She ran away from him.
  • Yet you only ran away.
  • Horse ran away and she was thrown out.
  • Plenty of slaves ran away.
  • For all the rest that ran away.
  • The rest of them ran away.
  • And how we hated those who ran away?
  • And she ran away swiftly.
  • She ran away with a villain.
  • Then all the other fellows ran away.
  • He ran away with his own wife.
  • I am not surprised that you ran away.
  • I ran away from school.
  • Dolly laughed and ran away.
  • The rest they ran away.
  • And so he and his army ran away.
  • And this time he ran away!
  • Then it jumped up and ran away.
  • Ran away without a cause.
  • Rick ran away from the heat.
  • They were very timid and ran away.
  • I only did for an instant after you ran away.
  • And he absolutely ran away.
  • He ran away with enough.
  • Then they ran away and cowered under the bushes.
  • The other was fired by a man who ran away.
  • Whereupon he changed his design and ran away.
  • The next day they ran away just the same.
  • Somehow the time ran away very fast.
  • One of them at this time ran away from the school.
  • We ran away from him ...

Definition of Ran Away

simple past tense of run away
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