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  • My! what a randy old feller he was!
  • But Randy was not satisfied.
  • But Randy talked her over.
  • But Randy did not speak of it.
  • But Randy would not follow her.
  • But Randy was not disposed to be communicative just then.
  • Pep and Randy were considerably fluttered.
  • And Randy kept her promise.
  • But the pulpit to Randy had meant more than that.
  • Ned and Randy sprang up and hurried through the room.
  • But she had always followed where Randy led.
  • In the end Randy got his car.
  • Gladly Randy picked up the little book.
  • Pep and Randy began a game of checkers.
  • Frank had got to Randy as soon as he could.
  • Frank and Randy stood stock still.
  • Jotham looked at Randy with real admiration.
  • Prue was assured that Randy would be more than welcome.
  • She was still thinking of him when Randy came back.
  • It was that laugh which made Randy see red.
  • The next instant Randy burst through the flaps.
  • About this time Randy was doing a good deal of thinking.
  • But there was no other boat, so Randy went towards it.
  • A few minutes later Randy came running in at the door.
  • Ned was a year older than Randy and half a head taller.
  • In that moment Randy grew to the full stature of a man.
  • In truth Randy was glad enough to give up his resolve.
  • Towards the end, Randy was firing questions at him.
  • The argument was unanswerable, but Randy was not satisfied.
  • Frank went inside as Randy appeared with his cash box.
  • He viewed Randy in a shrewd, supercilious way.
  • At half past six Randy was nervous and a little put out.
  • Her laugh was still clear and light, and Randy wondered.
  • And now, something within Randy began to sing and soar.

How To Use Randy In A Sentence?

  • To this Randy could not agree, so she wisely said nothing.
  • It was sufficient to rouse Randy and Nugget.
  • It was Randy who spoke first of Becky.
  • So, failing to interest her mother, Randy subsided.
  • Frank showed the memorandum to Randy and Pep.

Definition of Randy

Sexually aroused; full of sexual lust. | (chiefly Scotland) Rude or coarse in manner. | impudent beggar
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