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  • We went to the front doore and range the bell.
  • All are or can be fitted with wireless, range 50 miles.
  • A relay is in series with the line and provides a large range of sensibility.
  • The outer reef is their home, their range extending far to the south.
  • Dixie May was back on her own range and she wore what clothes she pleased!
  • You boys that's never been off the range don't know what it is you've missed.

How To Use Range In A Sentence?

  • Ploughing through that within range of the enemy must have been somewhat trying.
  • The flock grazing out on the range will have gone by noon perhaps a mile from the bed-ground.
  • The danger was averted by a change in the range of the guns, and the mournful march was resumed.
  • Certainly in that wide, windmill-dotted valley, the open range was a thing of the past.
  • There lay the hills, rising range after range before him, bathed in the sunshine of early noon.
  • The center of the home range has been called the "center of activity" (Connell, 1954).
  • Hydro-biplane, with Howard T. Wright patent aeroplanes to give wide range of speed.
  • The magnetic types of visible signals have a wider range between these limits than have lamp signals.
  • But in those days what is now just obvious truth to me was altogether outside my range of comprehension....
  • When last observed the cottontail was 1,700 feet from its home range and was headed in the opposite direction.
  • It was real range coffee, that had set on the grounds over night and been boiled for an hour in the morning.
  • It may be that the range of hearing of organisms other than man lies far above the range with which human beings are familiar.
  • The condensers ordinarily used in telephone practice range in capacity from about 1/4 microfarad to 2 microfarads.
  • That, and a range war that grew out of the killing, and some kind of a business deal just about broke them.
  • In uniform habitat the home range is roughly circular and is used most near its center and least toward its periphery.
  • Such wide variations in the estimated size of home range may result from the use of different methods and from insufficient data.
  • Fires had been lighted on every side, and within the extensive range of these fires the luckless captives were corralled for the night.
  • In the daytime they had the range of a hall, and at night retired each to his own bed, never intruding into that of another.
  • He built him a home; the range of thousands of acres of land was his, and his flocks grew and flourished.
  • An atmosphere of crystalline purity discloses the highest range of the interior, a long chain of azure peaks.
  • The cottontail usually establishes its home range in the area where it was born, being semi-gregarious and tolerant of crowding.
  • Cottontails observed foraging were estimated to utilize 10 to 20 per cent of the home range area in one evening.
  • The home range is used by the cottontail in different ways, depending on the needs of the individual and the condition of the habitat.
  • The ballad-mongers took a wide range in their writings, and almost every subject seems to have called for their rhymes.
  • The door had been left open and the range stock had gone in for shelter, while the rats and mice and chipmunks had taken possession.
  • Another method, which has been used to determine the home range of birds, is to map the movements of an individual as it is observed.
  • The fact that the average Indian is not a master hand with a gun except at short range was my salvation.
  • The methods used by other investigators to calculate the home range of the cottontail have yielded estimates varying from 0.1 acre to 100 acres.
  • Within certain limits, these changes balance each other, widening the range of allowable change in the total resistance of the line.
  • Around the table sat two young men of about the ages of nineteen and twenty, and three daughters who might range from eighteen to fifteen.
  • In order to compare these methods I have calculated home range from my data by each of five different methods.
  • A fairly well-read man himself, for a sea-adventurer, he glimpsed a wide-ness of range and catholicity of taste that were beyond him.
  • That belt of 'terai' jungle which fringes the skirt of the whole Himalayan range has its own special charms.
  • The data obtained from live-trapping are not fully adequate because traps cannot sample, in time and space, the entire home range of an individual.

Definition of Range

(intransitive) To travel over (an area, etc); to roam, wander. [from 15th c.] | (transitive) To rove over or through. | (obsolete, intransitive) To exercise the power of something over something else; to cause to submit to, over. [16th-19th c.]
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