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  • The officers ranged themselves and saluted stiffly.
  • We men ranged in two rows aft.
  • The carts were ranged in a circle with the trains outward.
  • The ships ranged across the mouth of the strait.
  • The riggers had all the cable ranged on deck to clean lockers.
  • Our talk ranged widely and yet had certain very definite limitations.
  • The battle now became general; the dramatis personae ranged on either side.
  • About a dozen European officers ranged themselves round the sides of the tent.
  • The overall shape of the husk around the nut ranged from globose (Fig.

How To Use Ranged In A Sentence?

  • The area ranged over by a trailed individual was not significantly greater in either case.
  • The whole spiritual world is ranged on the side of the good or of the evil deity.
  • Her ownership ranged from absolute despotism to humble slavery, and he was happy through it all.
  • Now by the time we were thus ranged into a very brave order, daylight began to appear.
  • Even now, when he sat within a yard of her, how easily her mind ranged hither and thither!
  • As soon as we were all on deck, they bound our arms behind us with ropes and ranged us in a line.
  • Under these weapons are ranged three rows of divans, covered with a thick sort of red silk.
  • Tall blue pots, with dragon handles, are ranged in rows upon the chimney-board under the picture.
  • In Russian vapour-baths there are shelves ranged round the walls for the bathers to recline upon.
  • After awhile the road broadened out somewhat, and Bert ranged up alongside the automobile.
  • However, most of the Irish in Canada were ranged on the side of the government.
  • They all smiled at the Vicar-General as they passed, and ranged themselves on one side.
  • Our talk ranged from the Panhandle to the Canada line, while our horses jogged steadily southward.
  • Near them are ranged their carts, which are of altogether different construction from those for the mules.
  • Every moment she recollected herself better, and before her mind all the aspects of her venture ranged themselves.
  • Cottontails often ranged through the woods and along edges but did not cross open areas more than 75 feet wide.
  • Their moods of mind ranged from one extreme to the other; nothing had any permanency amongst them but their wretchedness.
  • During these hours their talk ranged over many subjects, the valet proving himself a brightly loquacious companion.
  • Before them and to westward and far away ranged the jagged mountains, report had it, unthreaded by a single pass.
  • Around the wall of the building, are ranged cribs or berths for sleeping, screened from view by heavy mats of grass and rushes.
  • They were not ranged according to height, as good soldiers should be, nor did they all stand erect, but each seemed bent on having his own way.
  • Here the tents are ranged in two lines, and are placed quite close together, that is, with not more than three or four yards between them.
  • Here are the cart-mules, and 200 light carts, to be drawn by one or two animals, are ranged near them.
  • The horses disappeared over the brow of the hill, cantered down the slope, and ranged behind the barrier, with the trees for a background.
  • Below him on a smaller scale are ranged the archangels and the mother of the Lord, who holds the child upon her knees.
  • Mrs. Brownlow naturally ranged herself on the side of constituted authority, of the superior rank in the domestic hierarchy.
  • On our departure, they ranged themselves on the rails of the fence, and, being dressed in blue, looked not unlike a flock of pigeons.
  • Nakeesa's eyes, as she squatted over the fire this morning, ranged over typical Kalahari scenery.
  • The Hungarian forces ranged themselves in battle array, with their backs to the churchyard wall, and awaited the attack.
  • They ranged between very considerable wealth and such a hard, bare independence as old Willersley and the sister who kept house for him possessed.
  • They were the best that money could buy and ranged from tough California cayuses or mustangs to thoroughbred stock from Iowa.

Definition of Ranged

(of a projectile, or projectile system) whose range can be adjusted | simple past tense and past participle of range
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