Rapier In A Sentence

Definition of Rapier

Extremely sharp. | Cutting smarts or keen wit. | A slender, straight, sharply pointed sword (double-edged, single-edged or edgeless).

How To Use Rapier In A Sentence?

  • By the time he had reached his peroration, the rapier had given place to the bludgeon.
  • By the time he had reached his peroration, the rapier had given place to the bludgeon.
  • If he carry the sharp rapier of wit at his side, it is sheathed in the scabbard of good-nature.
  • He rushed into the tavern, thence into the private assembly, his rapier still in his hand.
  • Without his rapier he was as a child in the grasp of the powerful Breton peasant woman.
  • Lucius was occasionally reminded by the mien of his companion of other qualities of the rapier besides its exquisite polish.
  • The count's hand shook so that he could hardly put his rapier into the scabbard.
  • Oh, as they go," slapping his rapier and his pockets which had recently been very empty.
  • He could wield the rapier of subtle sarcasm, and the bludgeon of denunciation with an equally skilled hand.
  • He was in his fine clothes, ruff and all; his rapier was looped at his side, and he carried a stick.
  • The pommel of the Chevalier's rapier hit him in the forehead, cutting and dazing him.
  • Better than any other writer of our day, Chesterton knows how to drive his rapier of rhyme to the very heart of hypocrisy and injustice.
  • The blade fell clanging to the floor, and Merriwell stepped back, with the point of his rapier lowered.
  • Grey made the usual moves of courtesy and still Erskine waited, wonderingly, with the point of the rapier on the ground.
  • Once was their hate too deep for fears: One drew his rapier as he came, Upleapt his anger like a flame.
  • That was not Jean who stood in the centre of the room holding a rapier in his hand, it was Paul Valmain.
  • There had been a time when he himself had worn a rapier even more valuable; but the Jews had swallowed it even as the gaming tables had swallowed his patrimony.
  • The aide-de-camp, fearing a new and daring experiment in regicide, snatched his rapier from the sheath and began furiously prodding through the window of the hackney-coach.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rapier | Rapier Sentence

  • Most beautiful rapier you ever saw in it.
  • Her eyes met his with the rapier steel of hostility.
  • He fought with a rapier always, never with a bludgeon.
  • His long rapier snarled from its scabbard, just in time.
  • His rapier hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.
  • Fragile ... thin ... rapier ...
  • The hand that grasped the rapier was too numbed to obey her behests.
  • He clutched the handle of his rapier and knotted the muscles of his arms.
  • He drew his rapier from its sheath, and presented the hilt to me.
  • I swerved, and the next instant with my own point sent his rapier whirling.
  • He saw the Chevalier's court rapier with its jeweled hilt.
  • My rapier lay across my knees, and I ran my hand down its worn scabbard.
  • My lord's rapier was out, the hand that held it shaking with passion.

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