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How To Use Rapping In A Sentence?

  • By this time the men were on the stairway, and presently rapping on the library door.
  • He walks with a quick step, and is now rapping with sharp decision at the vicarage door.
  • At last, at something after midnight, there came a fevered rapping at the outer door.
  • I understand the system of the American rapping spirits considerably better....
  • On the night of the 24th of July, I was awakened, where I was staying, by a rapping at my window.
  • Then he conceived the idea of breaking a plate against his head by rapping it there with a little energy.
  • The sound of breaking through undergrowth was followed by rapping at the hermit's door.
  • Before more could happen there was a loud rapping at the door, and the handle was twisted furiously.
  • When bread is sufficiently baked it can be told by turning the loaf over and rapping with the knuckles on the bottom of the loaf.
  • As he laid out the suit of clothes that he proposed to wear next day, there was a rapping on his door.
  • All the sheriff's rapping was in vain; it was impossible to arrest and fine everybody.
  • As the words left his lips there came a hurried rapping at the portal, whereupon the guards sprang forward.
  • For at this moment, as a sort of commentary on his self-congratulation, there came a smart rapping at the outer door.
  • But when my husband reads it, he never leaves off thumping on the table, and rapping out oaths from beginning to end.
  • He held in his right hand a tremendous bludgeon, with which he amused himself by rapping on the head every one who came within his reach.
  • She looked absolutely miserable, and dropped down in a limp heap between rapping out each word, as though bereft of all will-power.
  • They, and the policemen who were still working upon the ruins of the barricade, heard the sound of sharp rapping on the inner door.
  • They stood there together for a moment, rapping it and testing it in various ways; then they separated, perfectly understanding each other.
  • Then it was the dog that rose with a growl, his coat bristling, and an instant later there came a sharp rapping at the hall door.
  • There was an expectant silence and a rapping on the table from all except Lucius, who knew what was coming and wished it was well over.
  • The other follows him, with a tattered book under his arm, rapping the posts, one after the other, as he goes along.
  • Then Browning passed through into a back room and climbed some dirty stairs, finally rapping at a door.
  • The rapping continued, growing every instant more urgent, so urgent that Walters was almost reassured.
  • The fish-wives laughed at him till they cried; and he, encouraged, could scarcely say a couple of words without rapping out an oath.
  • A wagon was heard to drive up; several voices called for a light; there was a loud rapping on the yard gate, and the barking of several dogs.
  • Here he was compelled to pause for some moments, and listen to groans, hoots, howls, and the rapping of empty flagons on the stout table.
  • About half-past ten the tailor was made aware by the rapping of a customer on the deserted counter, that Tommy had gone out without a word.
  • A sharp rapping began on the cone, a measured beat, which ended in a clang, which startled Kate into a shriek.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rapping | Rapping Sentence

  • Then the rapping on the door again.
  • There was a rapping on the door.
  • There was a tremendous rapping at his door.
  • There came a rapping at the door.
  • At this moment came a rapping at his door.
  • Then, rapping gently on the table, he glanced about him.
  • It is strange that you have not heard more of the rapping spirits.
  • He was not sure that this gentle rapping was not a deception.
  • Someone in another part of the vessel was rapping desperately upon that pipe!
  • Then rapping softly on the wall, he thought he heard a hollow sound.
  • Do your American friends write ever to you about the rapping spirits?
  • I had the light on in a moment, and was rapping at Margery's door.

Definition of Rapping

(colloquial, dated) Remarkably large; whopping. | present participle of rap | The sound of a rap or knock.
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