Rapt In A Sentence

How To Use Rapt In A Sentence?

  • They were listening with rapt attention and drinking reverently at each fountain.
  • She sat rapt in that laborious quiet as if her busy fingers were under some spell.
  • The officers and sailors were listening to the discourse of the king with rapt attention.
  • Electra placed it on the easel once more, and stood before it in rapt contemplation.
  • All through the night the mother and sister listened with rapt attention as the brother read.
  • The horrible fascination of the tragedy holds one in rapt attention to the end.
  • Deny her before men, she whom he had not yet untangled from the rapt vision of their meeting?
  • Only the eyes were beautiful, for they looked upward with a rapt and childlike expression.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rapt | Rapt Sentence

  • Patrice contemplated her with a rapt look.
  • Le rapt est consomm√©.
  • My soul was rapt away.
  • His face had a rapt expression.
  • She seemed lost in rapt amazement.
  • When he spoke she paid rapt attention.
  • Arnold stood gazing up at him in rapt amazement.
  • She was gazing with a rapt smile at the stage.
  • Even the massive lady was rapt away to silence.
  • Paul and his lady stood and looked down in rapt silence.
  • Four pairs of eyes followed it in rapt silence.
  • With smiles to thy rapt spirit given.
  • He presently looked downward from rapt gazing at his wife.
  • Oh, how to describe what my rapt eyes descry!
  • Dilsey Quinn was listening with rapt attention.
  • De Vallance was rapt in pious exultation.
  • Goddess I worship in rapt contemplation.
  • Come the departed shades, whose steps my rapt soul hears.
  • My friend, I walk in rapt intoxication!
  • II 1 I am rapt with terror.
  • I sat beside Mabel Anson in rapt admiration.
  • The people watched each of these ceremonies with rapt interest.
  • Rather was there something eager and rapt about the comportment of the people.
  • At breakfast that morning he was silent and apparently rapt in thought.
  • From their rapt devotee's adoring sight.
  • He spoke in rapt sentences, as if he were looking on a vision.
  • Bobby's rapt tone made his uncle laugh.
  • They gazed at her plain, sallow countenance in rapt admiration.
  • He humored her, for the sake of watching her rapt and eager face.
  • They played until lunch-time, both affecting a rapt interest in the game.
  • Albert, rapt in his labour, was working with the fury of the artist.
  • She glanced around, evidently in rapt admiration of everything she saw.

Definition of Rapt

(not comparable, archaic) Snatched, taken away; abducted. | (not comparable) Lifted up into the air; transported into heaven. | (comparable) Very interested, involved in something, absorbed, transfixed; fascinated or engrossed.
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