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  • She had had a rapturous week at the farm.
  • A rapturous smile pervaded the office.
  • We were always given a rapturous welcome.
  • This felicity was too rapturous to be of long duration.
  • My praise became more rapturous than ever.
  • If she had been happy before, she was rapturous now.
  • Again from the women a rapturous cry broke out.
  • Rachel was still in a sort of rapturous bewilderment.
  • This last sentence is received with rapturous applause.
  • May rapturous energies spring from hopeless loves!
  • It is a book of rapturous beauty, vivid in word painting.
  • Ah! what rapturous repose for a few hours! ...
  • Laura nodded, and again Jim drew a long rapturous breath.
  • The audiences were sometimes moved to rapturous demonstrations of applause.
  • In the spectacle of their joys, how rapturous and pure will be my delight!
  • They pour into his ear one ceaseless tide of rapturous song.
  • The mere thought of victory sent a thrill of rapturous joy through our hearts.
  • I enquired, coldly, and she nodded with a sudden rapturous vivacity.
  • Dick met Nannie, and presently they pursued their rapturous way.
  • If Aristide Pujol had the rapturous idea of proving the innocence of Mme.

How To Use Rapturous In A Sentence?

  • She twisted herself into a knot of quivering joy and hugged her arms with rapturous intensity.
  • She looked forward to it with eager anticipation, she gave it a rapturous welcome.
  • She leaped upright, clasping her hands above her head in the rapturous attitude of a child.
  • And while they were gazin' rapturous at each other the little captain's eyes met mine.
  • While a vast shrieking world of endless woe Blends its dread chorus with their rapturous hymn?
  • It gleams like a rapturous chorus, then passes away, and the stars appear, large and flashing.
  • He has expressed in literature as no other novelist has done the rapturous vision of a boy in love.
  • Never was man so churlish that his heart would not have been touched with the vision of their gentle but rapturous delight.
  • We were a rapturous trio in front of the library fire, and there we were joined presently by the rapturous trio from above stairs.
  • And overflowing with joyous excitement she threw her arms around him, looking the very impersonation of rapturous content.
  • The lover thinking of his lass welcomes the night and the rapturous walks among well-known scenes and kindly objects.
  • Durnford too was silent, in a delicious pause of rapturous contentment, as he moved slowly through the crowd with his divinity on his arm.
  • Was this new, and at once rapturous and painful, absorption in another human being the outcome of great, noble, war-provoked emotions?
  • But Jack was under the impression that I existed for the sole purpose of listening to his rapturous idolizing of his darling wife.
  • Blissful and rapturous were the moments, sleeping or waking, for Hope and Love danced merrily before her.
  • At sight of the hand-writing of Harleigh, addressed, to herself, every other feeling gave way to rapturous joy.
  • We have then a rapturous mystical ode to the Cuckoo; in which the author, striving after force and originality, produces nothing but absurdity.
  • My loved one seemed to live before my eyes, Till every fibre of my being thrilled With rapturous emotion.
  • In active contemplation we are in rapturous and passionate adoration with great nearness, and are not able to remain in it long because of bodily weakness.
  • Opening the grille, I entered my lonely room, which looked all the more lonely for the memory of the rapturous moments under the Flagstaff.

Definition of Rapturous

Full of rapture.
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