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  • I was rather put out.
  • I want rather to surround them.
  • She felt rather proud of herself now.
  • Patricia felt rather disconcerted.
  • It really was rather nice.
  • Their women are rather picturesque.
  • It was a high and rather a large room.
  • I would rather go than have the festival over again.
  • The great nobleman had been affronted rather than humbled.
  • His prayer was granted, and rather more than granted.
  • Even so, we felt rather like prisoners.
  • I asked, rather curious about the matter.
  • Both form and face rather demand our homage than our love.
  • They sought rather to write a history of peoples than a history of kings.
  • In those days men and boys wore rather long cloaks in the winter-time.
  • I rather suspect she believed them in her heart to be Chaldean.
  • It was a rather strong compliment; I think I will leave it out.

How To Use Rather In A Sentence?

  • Reverend laughed awkwardly at what was a rather ambiguous jest so far as he was concerned.
  • I should, on the contrary, say that he was of a soft rather than a hard nature.
  • One horse had lost one of its ears, which rather detracted from its otherwise imposing appearance.
  • It was very strange, or rather it was just natural, that I should feel so singularly low next day.
  • And to my astonishment, and rather dread, she turned full upon me as I was standing at the table.
  • Little Starwood, by my side, looked as fair and as pretty as ever, rather more shy than usual.
  • He even flushed with satisfaction at my request, which I made, as I ever do, rather impertinently.
  • Wednesday morning we got up rather late and had breakfast about 1/2 past nine o'clock.
  • Perhaps they were intended as the ornaments of faith, rather than as the radiant armour and the invincible weapons of reason.
  • Tancredi proved a rather good-natured portly woman with a taste for exaggerated garments which suggested the operatic stage.
  • He was very much pleased with my flowers, and as it was rather a chilly afternoon, he challenged me to a race.
  • It was rather as if the bright wit pervaded the bilious temperament, almost misleading the physiologist to name it nervous.
  • On his return to England in 1811 he was persuaded rather against his own judgment into allowing the work to be published.
  • It was rather worn, even in the kindly firelight, and gave an emphasis to the shabbiness of the whole figure.
  • I was rather disposed to wait and see who would join my little girl with her wild eyes, and my serene young lady.
  • Patricia demurred, feeling suddenly rather small and insignificant in her girlish white net frock among all the glittering costumes about her.
  • It was rather dim to read expressions, but she thought a strange look flitted across the eager face that was staring so hard at her.
  • For his "secret will," or rather his executive will, is always in perfect harmony with his revealed will.
  • It may be said that this is an appeal to human ignorance, rather than a reply to the argument of the Universalist.
  • I found myself rather in the way; for to Clara it seemed quite natural to scatter happiness with her very looks.
  • The little woman at the piano was small and rather wrinkled, and was wearing an old-fashioned ulster which fitted her small form rather carelessly.
  • He had divested himself of his cloak, and seemed ready rather to fly than to walk, so light was his frame, so elastic were his motions.
  • It was rather large, and very long; a table down the centre was dressed with flowers, and overflowing dishes decked the board.

Definition of Rather

(obsolete) Prior; earlier; former. | (nonstandard or dialectal) To prefer; to prefer to. | (obsolete) More quickly; sooner, earlier. [9th-19th c.]
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