Rationalizing In A Sentence

Definition of Rationalizing

present participle of rationalize | The act of one who rationalizes.

How To Use Rationalizing In A Sentence?

  • Of the other class have been the Greek philosophers and the rationalizing schoolmen and the modern lights of science.
  • As compared with all these rationalizing pictures, the pluralistic empiricism which I profess offers but a sorry appearance.
  • Many don't even vote, rationalizing that it doesn't matter who gets into power, for they will sell what principles they have for money.
  • Not that he rationalizes them away; he rejects all rationalizing whatsoever; but he interprets them as great spiritual signs, rather than as diversions from the laws of nature.
  • He smiled sardonically into the gray gloom, knowing that his thinking was running backwards, that he had acted before reasoning why, that he was rationalizing in an attempt to soothe himself and absolve himself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rationalizing | Rationalizing Sentence

  • Inefficiency of the Absolute as a rationalizing remedy, 71.

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