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  • Printed from a large and readable type.
  • York was not readable to-night.
  • Still, he has written a readable book.
  • Mr. Prescott has produced a very readable and useful book.
  • For those in my profession, being readable is a dangerous goal.
  • His eccentricities had filled many readable columns in the newspapers.
  • The aim was to tell the story of the great war in a readable style.
  • It is recorded first in a form readable to humans, or at least geeks.
  • The half sheet of paper, readable at last, had enslaved him then and there.
  • The words swam, blurred together, fused, were readable and then were not.
  • One of the most readable and interesting books of travel I have ever read.
  • But that is nothing; the question is, are they readable English?
  • The "Stories" are printed in good readable type, and in handsome 12mo form.
  • But the better Poets won't do it; and I cannot find one readable translation.

How To Use Readable In A Sentence?

  • Give him but the heads of a subject and he can make out a very readable and plausible article.
  • I have an idea that with a few illustrations it would make a very readable sort of gossiping book.
  • The district library contained nearly one hundred readable books which were well thumbed.
  • One of the best-known books on this question, readable and helpful at many points.
  • The district library contained nearly one hundred readable books, which were well thumbed.
  • It is not often that such a sound and yet readable English novel is republished in America.
  • This is not to say that the really readable classics should be discarded, since they have their own place and their own value.
  • It is the first time that the labor reformers and thinkers generally have had this subject presented to them in so able and readable a manner.
  • This entertaining volume gives a series of readable chapters on the various causes which have operated in the destruction of books.
  • RTF is Rich Text Format, and is readable in nearly any modern word processing program.
  • Men and women crossing the high seas of life he had found most readable under that illuminating inquiry, as to their means.
  • Thus we have brought to our doors a readable record of the very substances composing every world hot enough to shine by its own light.
  • A thorough yet readable basic soil science text at a level comfortable for university non-science majors.
  • It is also distributing a vast amount of practical information, put in readable form and adapted to the average farmer.
  • Above all, he is generously endowed with the comic spirit: that alone would make him readable in such an age of dullness.
  • The archaic language with its somewhat involved phrasing is confusing to children and makes it less readable than the Palmer translation.
  • The fact is that, if a man keeps his diary regularly, and knows how to tell an anecdote well, he can always write a readable book of reminiscences.
  • But surely 'Tony' is as good trash as the other trash vendors are selling; his nonsense is as readable nonsense as theirs.
  • While trying to give our daily experiences and actual camp life in a readable way, I have adhered to accuracy of statement.
  • See that as soon as the child can read he has his own Bible, that it is in large, readable type, as much like any other book as possible.
  • It was ingenious and had a great effect, and, like everything Franklin wrote, is about as readable to-day as when first printed.
  • My work, moreover, was not of the creative kind that requires absolute absorption; it was the mere readable presentation of data I had accumulated.
  • Her face shewed but a little of the work going on with heavings and strugglings in her mind; yet doubtless it was as readable to her companion as his had been to her.
  • All manifestations of a contrary spirit he ridiculed in language which was extremely readable but which at times outraged the good conservative people whom he was attempting to convert.
  • So he came regularly to Louis through the winter evenings, and in a little time he could send a readable letter to the friends down South.
  • The dialogue has sometimes touches of real humor and flashes of genuine wit: but its readable and enjoyable quality is generally independent of these.

Definition of Readable

(of handwriting, print, etc) legible, possible to read or at least decipher | which can be read—i.e. accessed or played—by a certain technical type of device | (of a book) enjoyable to read, of an acceptable stylistic quality or at least functionally composed
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