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  • Gordon readily assented.
  • Permission was readily granted.
  • Periodical insanity can be readily proved.
  • Mephistopheles enters readily into his plans.
  • She had some purchases to make, and readily agreed.
  • Roughened metal blocks do not become grounded as readily as do carbon blocks.
  • The permission was readily granted, and he commenced his survey of the books.
  • These the keeper readily buys, winking at what he knows to be dishonest.
  • Bowles came back as readily as a dog, but he did not sit very close.
  • The subject, however, was too interesting to be readily abandoned.
  • Constance did not hear her, but Patricia readily supplied the deficiency.
  • Ellsworth beckoned to Dan Anderson, and he readily joined them.
  • I do believe it; and, on that account, More readily forgive you: for oh!
  • You can readily see that we've got to have a town meeting before very long.
  • How readily do men at ease prescribe To those who're sick at heart!

How To Use Readily In A Sentence?

  • The fact that it readily took vulgar forms only witnessed to its strong popular appeal.
  • His two companions readily assented, and the promise was mutually given and received.
  • The reader will readily understand that I carried these experiences much farther.
  • Rosamond, always graceful, responded readily enough, and the evening sped rapidly.
  • Carpets so furnished can be more readily removed for cleaning than those which are nailed to the floor.
  • Individuals were most readily observed on the buttresses of some of the gigantic mahogany and ceiba trees.
  • Persons on the sea-side might readily domesticate these interesting and truly affectionate creatures.
  • None would more readily than himself yield acquiescence to the statement that law and order must prevail.
  • It appeared to me very readily that he here addressed something in his own soul; for his voice had fallen.
  • The likeness of form enables the reader to recognize more readily the likeness of content and function.
  • His only wish was to secure the old fisherman as a pilot to the spot, and this was readily effected.
  • Both of these materials possess the disadvantage of being hygroscopic, that is, of readily absorbing moisture.
  • This figure also includes a simplified circuit arrangement from which the principles involved may be more readily understood.
  • Connections are not welded but made with strong steel clips so that should any member become damaged a new one can be readily arranged.
  • He is watched in his descent to the fruit-trees, and a discharge of small shot readily brings him to the ground.
  • This does not seriously interfere with the speech transmission since the condensers will readily transmit the high-frequency voice currents.
  • Its owner readily agreed to accept five pounds for it, taking in its stead one of the guns in the store.
  • Instruments of this kind are very sensitive and under proper conditions are readily responsive to words spoken in an ordinary tone ten feet away.
  • She was anxious to have the interview over and she readily agreed to take the room at once, without evincing any interest in it or anything else.
  • The action of this circuit at first seems a little complex, but if taken step by step may readily be understood.
  • It will readily be seen that the principle on which this hook switch operates is similar to that employed in Fig.
  • The spirits which spoke most readily through her were those of men, even coarse and rude characters, which came unsummoned.
  • Old Sam now readily recognized the overhanging rock under which his skiff had been sheltered during the thunder-gust.
  • As to mine I readily promised my best aid and warmest efforts in my friend's behalf.
  • These tubular drops, having but one coil, are readily mounted on 1-inch centers, both vertically and horizontally.

Definition of Readily

Without unwillingness or hesitation; showing readiness. | Without impediment, easily.
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