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  • Matters would readjust themselves.
  • And it was so difficult to readjust herself.
  • I wish to have time to readjust myself to the old ways.
  • Dock was disappointed, and began to climb the rocks to readjust the plank.
  • The Cubans prefer to unroll and readjust a cigarette before lighting it.
  • I've got to get back to civilization in order to readjust my views.

How To Use Readjust In A Sentence?

  • It sometimes obliges the artist to readjust his technical methods very materially.
  • These are caused by the attempts to readjust the nervous system to the altered conditions.
  • He knew that never in his life had he needed to readjust himself more than at the present moment.
  • I paused here in my narration to draw breath and readjust my leg, which had become cramped.
  • In order to readjust matters, he must learn how to destroy the insects, or he can not have crops.
  • If she were to be disappointed, she wanted time to readjust herself before she encountered other eyes.
  • With emotions of chagrin and humiliation he found himself obliged wholly to readjust his estimate of himself and his powers.
  • The clipping of coin had become so widespread that it was absolutely imperative that steps should be taken to readjust matters.
  • I think she was prepared to see freaks and could not readjust her mind to the fact that we looked and behaved just as usual.
  • The other set of reformers proposed to readjust the tariff duties so as to make the protective system more consistent and more perfect.
  • Perhaps this was the real turning point: the hour in which the disordered mind began permanently to readjust itself.
  • Then returning energy brought back her normal desire for action, and she began to readjust her plans.
  • And the peasant disappeared in the crowd, while the little dairymaid replaced her mask and tried to readjust her disordered costume.
  • The old mammy stooped over to readjust him in the barrow and as she did so several feet of masculine garments became visible under her short skirt.
  • Psychology, then, as a branch of this philosophic enterprise, has to readjust the facts discovered in inner experience.
  • This perpetual conflict is, it seems to me, the greatest difficulty that has to be faced in any effort to readjust the conditions of marriage.
  • And the churches are also laboring night and day to readjust their methods, and to make known their aims in their propagation of religion.
  • She knelt, and began to wash the grime from his face, to cleanse the wound on his head, and readjust the bandage.
  • Hermione rushed to her own room, there to consult a mirror, and readjust her hat and veil and disordered hair, but Curtis met a hurrying waiter.
  • One could guess that the pantaloons were not suspended from braces, and that this man could not take ten paces without his having to stop to pull them up and to readjust them.
  • The commune has become an entity everywhere, and the nations which it informs have established the right to readjust or recast their constitutions without being hounded down as disturbers of the peace.
  • Before the opening, he found sufficient space to enable him to readjust the boxes and barrels, so as to hide his den from the observation of any who might be disposed to follow him in his subterranean explorations.

Definition of Readjust

to adjust again
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