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  • For the moment it was hard to realize there was no wind.
  • Colonel Jennison, do you realize what you are doing?
  • Oh, I realize perfectly what you are going to say!
  • I realize that there have been many wars that the earth has seen.
  • It was some time before she could be made to realize her mistake.
  • Each could realize for himself that they were face to face with an emergency.
  • It was difficult to realize that the skin of this man had once been fair.
  • The power to realize their fall import is mercifully wanting.
  • No one except himself could realize the dangers that he would run.
  • I suppose he did not realize how grave 'Enrietter's condition was.
  • It was not right to give the cat the "Pain-Killer"; I realize it now.
  • Lloyd came to realize Brook's thoughts and confirmed them with a nod.

How To Use Realize In A Sentence?

  • It was some time before his reeling brain could realize where he was, or why he was there.
  • Wallie went to his room in a daze, too bewildered to realize immediately what had happened.
  • Not until she was close upon them did she realize who waited for her there beside Archie.
  • I could not realize my situation, nor form a conjecture how I was to get forward.
  • She was frightened sometimes to realize how utterly she seemed able to forget her husband when he was not with her.
  • You can not fully realize the immensity of the task if you are not permitted by your overlords to see it in its true proportions.
  • The girl was too young to realize that this may have been because the name meant things to him which the phrase never would.
  • In linking these adjectives, you will realize one of my infatuations wherever they are substantively found.
  • For him it meant the extension of his life which may have been cut short before he even had a chance to realize what life was.
  • He wanted to realize quick and he offered me the bird house outfit and the rig all for fifty dollars.
  • He did not realize that his friends were in ignorance of the burglarious event of the hour, and his own sensational experiences.
  • Now, I can never believe in that when I realize how I feel about Rose Stribling.
  • She did not realize that her father did not wish her to see the distressing scenes which often took place at an auction of slaves.
  • She did not realize how vividly her untrammeled descriptions made people and conditions about her known to a student of human kind.
  • I had not seemed to realize before how much of our trouble, our unspoken apprehension and dread of impending calamity was due to this man.
  • He did not realize that it was an essential when he had it; he only discovers it now when he finds himself balked, hampered, by its absence.
  • Then he began to realize he had stepped from the shadow of death, and there was hope of living, and he breathed a prayer of thankfulness.
  • They, however, knew enough about the business to realize that the theme under discussion was one worth considering in all its bearings.
  • Of course, you probably realize the difficulty of laying hands on men who know they are wanted, and act accordingly.
  • Particularly when he knew about Eduard, and must certainly realize that her interest in man as a sex was over!
  • But it was very soon I began to realize that this judicious interdiction lent a tonic bitterness to my life.
  • Yet I do not know whether you realize that this action has made these people more conceited than ever, and that they mention it here exultingly.
  • It was an indescribably gratifying sensation, all sufficient for the moment, to realize that Berlin at least was fading into oblivion.
  • With every Christmas there was a short period of prosperity, though it dwindled as the tenants began to realize where their money went.
  • He was happy to see Lloyd and, at that moment, was also happy to realize that his trust in the women at the abbey was warranted.
  • It was the body of Oliver, the young assistant manager, though it was hard to realize it, for the head was gone.
  • It all took place so quickly that I had scarcely time to realize the danger before I was called upon to act.
  • Well, I came alive somehow; and you know how deep in us are the things we first realize when we were babies and began to take notice.

Definition of Realize

(formal, transitive) To make real; to convert from the imaginary or fictitious into the actual; to bring into concrete existence | (transitive) To become aware of a fact or situation. | (transitive) To cause to seem real; to feel vividly or strongly; to make one's own in apprehension or experience.
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