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  • I warned you it would be so as soon as I felt that I had done anything really big, and I have.
  • All men must have thought that their wives would be the really big things in their lives before they married them.
  • Perhaps why Terry evades you is because she isn't one of your really big things.
  • You know the smoke from a really big forest fire is often carried for miles and miles, if the wind holds steady.
  • Of course, you may have to do some temporary patching and tinkering along the way, but in really big things we may come in handy.
  • She still loved to hear Hubert talking when he embarked on Art or some really big subject; but she wished to do more than listen.
  • They will even go to the length of poisoning each other in order to step into a lucrative position, with a really big master and a memsahib who does not give too much trouble.
  • The really big men nurtured on California influence are few, perhaps; but she has sent out an amazing number of good workers in painting, in authorship, in music and especially in acting.
  • He is simply a tool of greater minds, and it may easily be that the pair whom Mr. Darrin overheard are those who are directing Gortchky in some really big and dangerous scheme.
  • And Barney and father have let me help in a lot of things--nothing really big yet, of course.
  • After the six years the deluge might come if it must; it was much pleasanter to drown in the end than never to have had the chance of swimming in the big stream at all, and bumping sides with the really big fish, and feeling oneself as good as any of them.
  • To an amazing degree he had remembered the discourse he had listened to many months previously; to do something for the regiment was what he desired more than anything--to do something big, really big.
  • I'm not so much surprised that you have not sensed its actual worth, for I think that almost invariably the really big men in art, the men of real genius, are the last to appreciate themselves; but the astounding thing is that you have seen nothing in it at all.
  • To a really big man, it doesn't matter whether his post is a little post, or a big post
  • Maybe he's got something really big in view, and maybe he'll let us in on the ground floor."
  • While they were looking with delight at the little fields, and trees, and chickens,--so small that really big people could not have seen them,--and at the cute little house, with its vines and portico, the two sisters came out on the little lawn.
  • She went out of her way to be charming to me, not that I could be of any use to the old boy, but merely because I was his great friend; and of course she knew that I realised--what he never dreamed of--that she was paving the way to pull some really big strings for him later.
  • "It seems to me that a civil engineer has tremendous opportunities to do really big things.
  • "It seems that most of the times man gets a really big idea, he goes off half cocked.
  • "Come now, do you mean to tell me any one honestly believes there is any danger of another really big fire here?"
  • "If I were a big man," quoth he, "but really big, I would sing in church, like Maestro De Pretis."
  • "Did you ever hear of a big man--one of the really big ones of the country--being got for anything?
  • --you'll see how really small an' no-account it is, an' how, when you put it beside really big things it doesn't matter at all--it doesn't REALLY matter, ye know.
  • "You have given so much," she ran on eagerly, "that you will give one thing more--out of the goodness of that really big heart of yours, John, dear!"

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  • Any really big city, I mean.
  • He succumbed to the lure of aiming for the really big score.
  • A really big news event always is after the first disturbance of adjustment.
  • If he did, would she prove to be one of his really big things?
  • It's used for shooting really big game--supermastodon, and things like that.
  • He has never been in a really big city."
  • I've never brought off a really big coup yet;
  • "I mean the really big things.
  • "I hope they're really big enough to forage for themselves.
  • "I don't mind telling you I am on the trail of a really big story.
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