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How To Use Really Could In A Sentence?

  • Your look signified that you really could not detect a single freckle for the paint.
  • The girl was hanging her head, and murmuring that she really could not answer for the other girl.
  • Monsieur George remarked more unamiably than before that he really could not help all that.
  • He really could not do this thing, and the General is not very squeamish either.
  • I have felt the last few days as if the only thing I really could not bear was telling the aunts.
  • He supposed Flora really could not help it, but it was pretty hard lines, all the same.
  • He had seen the ultimatum in French, and in French it really could not be regarded as overdone.
  • He really could not tell, But instantly he had his fish Exceeding fast and well!
  • We telegraphed to Angela that we really could not meet her in Paris until Wednesday night.
  • And Hok Lee danced on and on, till he really could dance no more, and was obliged to stop.
  • They really could not bear to look at them, and turning away they went in single file down to the fort.
  • He had had innumerable pins and farthings flattened on the line, and he wanted to see what the engine really could do.
  • I never believed it possible that a man really could die without regret, without some shadow of a desire to live.
  • Mrs. Capadose objected to this that she really could not consent to accept another present of such value.
  • For a time he really could not remember in his confusion anything he would care for at all, and he thought it might look mean to ask for money.
  • This time he had given way; he had sacrificed the young usher; but he really could make nothing of this tale about a beggar.
  • We were not long open; most of the men present were clustered round the newspaper table; you really could have heard some pins drop.
  • And how many only found out, as ever-widening responsibilities were pressed upon them, how great their "all" really could become.
  • But the earnest, steady tones of his voice precluded the possibility of this supposition; and I really could form no other.
  • The next time I visited the gnats, she acted as if she really could not make up her mind to settle down to brooding on such a beautiful morning.
  • Could she be so foolish as to carry her desire for secrecy to so absurd a length as to live just exactly as before when she really could not afford it?
  • The King was quite willing to restore the young lady, and even the jewels; but he said he really could not part with the money.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Really Could | Really Could Sentence

  • That he really could not do.
  • But she really could teach.
  • I really could play it.
  • It really could not possibly have been better.
  • I really could not help feeling sorry for him.
  • I really could not go on seriously last night.
  • But I really could not help it.
  • It seems as if a kingdom really could be self-supporting in here.
  • She really could not imagine where all the nice things came from.
  • What the man near him said in answer to his retort he really could not say.
  • I really could but laugh, the child repeated the words with such an awe.
  • It was astounding how fast one really could make money if one was industrious.
  • I really could not eat my dinner to-day, for thinking about it.
  • To think that I really could not succeed once in a whole day!
  • I really could not tell. "Fedotka!
  • I said I really could not leave it now, but would take my lunch later on.
  • You may laugh, Sir; but I really could not live in that style.
  • I replied loftily that I really could not do so, as I must return to Paris.
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