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  • We shall have twenty-five shillings now, and that ought to buy something really nice.
  • I have, however, some really nice friends here, and am not entirely discontented.
  • But a really nice woman, and you are awfully nice, can not have love-affairs without love.
  • I made some good Serbian cheese to-day; it is quite easy to make and it is really nice.
  • Can find places for your wives (if they are really nice ones) in the Transformation Scene.
  • He's really nice, and he won't be grumpy and bearish like old Sir Alexander when he gets old.
  • There aren't any really nice houses in Hillerton except the Pennocks' and the old Gaylord place.
  • His teachers are chosen with the greatest care and only really nice girls are admitted to his school.
  • I asked Pettersen if he had something to fry which would smell really nice and strong and attract the bears back.
  • Why of course any one really nice would be glad that her husband had been honoured by these beastly Kit Kats, whoever they might be.
  • Any butterfly with really nice feelings objects most decidedly when a pin is run through its body, as much as a happy fish hates to be caught upon a hook.
  • Moreover, a really nice-minded girl would never tolerate a man who was discourteous to her parents, however flattering his attitude might be to herself.
  • If she had the chance to choose her successor, she would like her husband to have a really nice person, good in every way, but not one with whom he would be likely to fall violently in love.
  • Can't you untwine all those sentimental fancies of yours and find some really nice, human girl with whom to bedeck them?
  • If Eunice had been the really nice girl I meant her to be she would have asked Bertram what on earth he meant by saying such things about her husband, and would have told him the shortest cut to the front-door.
  • He displays a timid yet persistent desire to foist this True Gentleman of his upon an unwilling world, to make you Really Nice after his own pattern.
  • I'm anxious you should look your best, really nice, especially as we haven't been to the Mitchells' for so long.
  • With a really nice mother, she might have been a really nice girl; but Mrs. Milligan's daughter had very little chance.
  • I will get you one myself; we will go to the Dogs' Home at Battersea, where really nice dogs are often sold quite cheap.
  • She has asked me to advise her what books to read that are really nice, and where she can get a dress-maker, and how she can find a clergyman to sit under who would really be likely to understand her case, and everything.
  • He aims, it appears, at a state called "Really Nice" or the "True Gentleman," the outward and visible signs of which are a conspicuous quietness of costume, gloves in all weathers, and a tightly-rolled umbrella.
  • Aunt Cynthia was one of those rather exasperating people who nag at and find fault with you until you think you are justified in hating them, and who then turn round and do something so really nice and kind for you that you feel as if you were compelled to love them dutifully instead.
  • It was really nice of the old codger to take such a fancy to Paul, and be able to see those sterling qualities of his, through Paul's surface unloveliness that came mostly from his slowness of imagination.
  • I made a hasty call at the Rescue Home, and was very pleased with it--a really nice little place.
  • MY DEAR FATHER, Like all really nice people, you have a weakness for detective stories, and feel that there are not enough of them.
  • Barbro laughed at this and tried to say something really nice in return; she said: "I'd far rather go to church and communion in this kerchief than wear a hat.
  • I doubt though that I would have been contacted by the very talented person who took images from a comic book about fair use that I co-wrote and mashed them up with words from a book by Larry Lessig, and some really nice music from someone none of us had ever met.
  • If you left electioneering only to the really nice people----" "It was Mr. Fison said that, not Harry.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Really Nice | Really Nice Sentence

  • But she is really nice.
  • His manner with women was really nice.
  • We will have a nice time, a really nice time.
  • And now I can never be really nice again!
  • It would have been really nice if we had had it fifteen years ago.
  • Really nice people wouldn't have a boat that color.
  • He played one of those difficult foil parts with a really nice discretion.
  • Now ask me something really nice; but first, I have something to say.
  • But she's never been ambitious for really nice things, I imagine.
  • If she were really nice, I did hope that Bertie wouldn't get her!
  • A really nice way of putting it,
  • Ripe pear, really nice!"
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