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  • That was reasonable and they approved in chorus.
  • But this reasonable request was not complied with.
  • No reasonable man should complain of such a precaution.
  • Not that he could in any reasonable way blame himself.
  • A reasonable explanation is near at hand.
  • Nothing is so reasonable and cheap as good manners.
  • This time he took a more reasonable view of the affair.
  • Oh, dear Mr. Cloete, you are a calm, reasonable man.
  • Word that was brief but reasonable had been sent everywhere ahead.
  • This never could have been done, even by reasonable atheists.
  • What was most amusing was the cool, reasonable tone of this amazing project.
  • Dan, let's look at this in a reasonable way.
  • Luckily the Turkish commandant proved to be a reasonable man.
  • Reason refused an answer; there wasn't any reasonable answer.
  • I could explain anything I've done to the satisfaction of any reasonable man.
  • An' he's not soft, for he's reasonable an' likely by natur'.

How To Use Reasonable In A Sentence?

  • Like reasonable women, on being told not to feel alarm, they fell immediately into a panic.
  • His tone was so mild and reasonable that Gray felt no difficulty in answering him.
  • For this was the first reasonable sentence that poor Ida had spoken for several days.
  • Faith, after half an hour's dish of talk, that's a reasonable long time to remember!
  • Stop this nonsense yourself like a reasonable human being, or let Nora Harrigan stop it for you.
  • Philippa entered the library in a state of agitation for which she was glad to have some reasonable excuse.
  • But it isn't particularly reasonable to talk of the contrariety of fate if they both get hit.
  • My memory of school has indeed no hint whatever of that quality of elucidation it seems reasonable to demand from it.
  • She thought it would be almost as reasonable to think of allowing one of her servant girls to sit with them.
  • That men and women who have vowed to love each other do sometimes prove false to their troth no reasonable man will deny.
  • In order to be of value, this theory must give a reasonable explanation of the properties of solutions.
  • Having descried it from a long way off, he knew that with reasonable luck it could not overtake him soon.
  • Placing her there, he would have said before this evening that he placed her as high as the reasonable human being could aspire to be set.
  • Still, however, sufficient materials are to be found for satisfying all reasonable curiosity on the subject.
  • He thought that when only one compound of two elements is known it is reasonable to suppose that it contains one atom of each element.
  • There was nothing there to satisfy his reasonable ambition, no hope of rising in his profession, and he became discontented.
  • Are air cooled and are the most efficient, economical and reliable power plants on the market sold at reasonable prices.
  • This was not, of course, the case with reasonable persons, like Mr. Long, and, I may add, myself.
  • Among the active powers, reasonable will, practical reason and conscience were ranked as paramount over the appetites and desires and emotions.
  • How did they treat the just claims and reasonable demands of the German nation for measures that were admitted to be crying needs of the times?
  • To rob another was reasonable and legitimate, and to avoid being robbed, so far as might be, was natural and proper.
  • Austria had committed an unpardonable act of provocation, which at first reasonable opinion in Germany openly condemned.
  • Fidelity is the rule; so is reasonable give and take, though each, being human, likes to receive better than to give.
  • I am not a good traveller, nor have I found that long journeys yield a fair share of reasonable hours.

Definition of Reasonable

(now rare) Having the faculty of reason; rational, reasoning. | Just; fair; agreeable to reason. | Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper.
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