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  • It had been meant as a reassurance to her.
  • There is much reassurance in this.
  • There was comfort and reassurance in the knowledge.
  • Instantly there came the reassurance of her father.
  • A jubilant reassurance sang gayly through him.
  • There was a great striving for reassurance in her manner.
  • She stared mutely up into the reassurance of his smile.
  • I still needed some reassurance as to my safety.
  • He seems here to be speaking for our reassurance rather than historically.
  • The temptation was strong to give her the reassurance she craved.
  • She shook her head in reassurance of his evident incredulity.
  • It was not entirely a gaze of reassurance that the young man turned on him.
  • Pete had had no practice in smiling, but a joyful reassurance pervaded him.
  • She answered first with a smile, the sweet reassurance of a confident look.
  • With distance and reassurance on her side, Nella-Rose paused to take breath.

How To Use Reassurance In A Sentence?

  • These reunions were always a delight to me, sometimes a profound reassurance and relief.
  • But sometime later, as he was dozing off, a sense of reassurance began filtering into his mind.
  • But immediately she threw it wide, and tossed her own reassurance over her shoulder, back to Anne.
  • It was with a tone of reassurance that she confessed that his patent-leathers were the trivial matter of two or three inches from the rug.
  • Dicksie fled to the telephone, and an excited conference over the wire closed in seeming reassurance at both ends.
  • Maria glanced at him where he sat at a distant table with some boys, and he gave an almost imperceptible nod of reassurance at her.
  • There was a message of reassurance for the primary victims of coding and carding: the telcos, and the credit companies.
  • American leadership in forming and executing any such scheme would, they feel, afford the best reassurance as to its nature and terms.
  • Somehow the blithe reassurance that this is consistent with the First Amendment fails to comfort one.
  • With the reassurance that they could now support themselves they made another attempt to reach Mount Hopeless.
  • The alarm was still in her eyes, although there had been reassurance in Von Salzinger's words.
  • She dwelt upon the glamored picture of her lover which was always in her mind, and it comforted her and reassured her as she had never found comfort or reassurance before.
  • It is not in any such spirit of facile and reckless reassurance that we should approach the really difficult problem of the delicate virtues and the deep dangers of our two historic seats of learning.
  • He was not here to be used and disposed of; but, as he came toward her, the new admiration in his face was bringing her reassurance that neither was she.
  • She went on wanly smiling reassurance at him, as one who should say, "I am not to be considered," till he schooled his voice to answer.
  • And they kept close, each to the other, throughout the hours of suspense that followed, finding a potent though unconfessed reassurance in such companionship.
  • There was reassurance in the proximity of such good dugouts when habitable to a correspondent if shells began to fall, as well as protection for the British in reserve.

Definition of Reassurance

the feeling of being reassured, of having confidence restored, of having apprehensions dispelled | the act of confirming someone's opinion or impression | (law, insurance) reinsurance
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