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  • What a rebuff was that!
  • This rebuff was sufficiently conclusive.
  • But she could not rebuff the baby!
  • At each momentary gain or rebuff we uttered ejaculations.
  • But the good-humored rebuff cost him an effort.
  • Every rebuff to him was like a blow in the face to Val.
  • Therefore every rebuff from Boland found him undaunted.
  • You rebuff me again, though I only want to make you happy.
  • When the first discomfort of the rebuff had passed he pondered deeply.
  • The supple figure felt the rebuff and all the more because others noticed it.
  • He knew he loved her and he feared to run the risk of a rebuff by mail.
  • Plainly she would have liked to rebuff him, but just now he had the whip hand.
  • Livingston encountered rebuff after rebuff, and delay after delay.
  • After the Earth-spirit's rebuff Faust is in despair.
  • The rebuff which was on Helen's lips an instant before was never spoken.

How To Use Rebuff In A Sentence?

  • She had felt her lips trembling more than once this morning and now a rebuff was hard to bear.
  • Pringle sighed patiently at the rebuff and stole a timid glance at the thinker.
  • Monty took the rebuff quietly, and thereafter rarely spoke unless he was spoken to.
  • After all his preparations this rebuff must have been a serious blow to Columbus.
  • How should Dick traverse with him the long road of rebuff and downfall he had traveled?
  • After this unexpected rebuff he sat quiet for perhaps half a minute, staring fixedly at the exit.
  • Burgevine did not accept this rebuff meekly, and his peremptory manner offended the Chinese.
  • A mere hawk, or even an owl, might have considered this rebuff enough, but not the harrier.
  • With the taste of this rebuff in his mouth, Kurolyessoff went back and told Mme.
  • Trent saw in this rebuff another move in the subtle game Private Arthur Smith was playing.
  • Mrs. De Peyster, after her first outburst, realized that she dared not cry out, or rebuff William.
  • The attempt and the rebuff made them more intimate, as though an understanding had been reached between them.
  • Thus they live lonely in a world of other lonely souls; no one can help them, and they are too timid of rebuff to help themselves.
  • On the morning of the third day after his rebuff at the hands of the footmen Trent made up his mind.
  • Not that he expected a rebuff from her, but that he could not endure the thought of hearing her brave, calm recital of the merciless story.
  • After Ralph's rebuff the second mate had made no further attempt to have the thing investigated.
  • The latter were always very friendly and ready to help us in every possible way, while as a rule we met with rebuff at the hands of the former.
  • Perhaps, for he was a very vain man, he was more hurt that Henry had seen him rebuffed than by the rebuff itself.
  • This reverse was the first serious rebuff that had happened to Charles, and it marked a turn in his fortunes.
  • There was no rebuff in that quiet statement, but it opened another door to Connor's understanding.
  • We are, at any rate, entitled to believe that the Conservatives owed their rebuff mainly to the faults which they themselves committed.
  • It was a solace for any man, after receiving such an unmistakable rebuff as he had just received from Maria Edgham.
  • But it served to rebuff the duchesse, who did not interest him, and to make Adrienne very, very happy when he repeated to her the conversation.
  • The only thing that helped him was that prodigious store of optimism which impelled him after each rebuff to hope for a change just around the corner.
  • With this chilly rebuff her companion was compelled to be content, and no amount of diplomatic cross-examination would induce her to reveal anything further.

Definition of Rebuff

(transitive) To buff again. | A sudden resistance or refusal. | Repercussion, or beating back.
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