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  • It was the sort of rebuke to which he was sensitive.
  • And she was callous to rebuke and shame.
  • Frank felt this rebuke and became silent.
  • It was filled with stinging rebuke for my presumption ...
  • The Frenchwoman bore the rebuke in silence.
  • She shook her head, as if to rebuke me, and I said no more.
  • This rebuke was well administered by St. Paul.
  • The very memories they raised were a rebuke to weakness and hesitation.
  • King accepted the rebuke with a little inclination of the head.
  • Any other man would have taken the chilling rebuke and left her.
  • A general silence followed the sudden rebuke of this very rich man.
  • His very presence seemed a rebuke to wrong-doing and wrong-thinking.
  • Some men might have caught a rebuke in the girl's words.
  • The patient accepted this grave rebuke with a smile, and lay still.
  • At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.
  • Ismail stared back at him almost insolently, as one who would rebuke a fool.
  • Mr. Wilding bowed to the rebuke in a submission that seemed ironical.
  • It was the Rajput who was speaking, in rebuke yet in commiseration.
  • The rebuke was not undeserved, I confess, and I trust I have profited by it.
  • Christ's sufferings are a rebuke to our softness and self-pleasing.
  • This rebuke of hatred and suspicion would live in a child's mind for long.

How To Use Rebuke In A Sentence?

  • It was characteristic of her that she did not rebuke him for the lawlessness of his plan.
  • The rebuke about the collection had gone home to a place raw with similar reproaches.
  • The poor boy would be overpowered by such a rebuke as this, and perhaps silenced.
  • I took his rebuke in silence, feeling the truth of his words and my own inability to resent them.
  • Let her come quickly, or let her come slowly, the rebuke was sure to greet her all the name.
  • Let no man despair, in these days of rebuke and blasphemy, of the Christian cause.
  • Mr. Peel looked at her savagely, and she met his silent rebuke with an air of indifference.
  • This is such a fearful calamity that no terms should be regarded as too scathing in which to rebuke legalistic tendencies.
  • Some spirits were more powerful than others, and the stronger spirit was invoked to rebuke and drive out the weaker.
  • The lad was in such buoyant spirits that Menard had to harden himself for the rebuke which he must give.
  • What are we, that we should think to stand before him, at whose rebuke the earth trembles, and before whom the rocks are thrown down!
  • They were a standing rebuke to rough manners, rude speech, and to the too often mere outward show of religion.
  • Always gentle, he yet knew how to rebuke arrogance, and had sharp repartees for those who tried to force him into musical display.
  • He sensed how close it lay to tragedy itself; he found himself arguing kindly, in place of the rebuke which he had thought to deliver.
  • His lordship turned crimson, his anger swelled to think that the very terms of the rebuke precluded his allowing his feelings a free rein.
  • It is here that the incident recorded in every school reader, the historic rebuke to sycophantic courtiers, is said to have taken place.
  • And then, with an inward rebuke to her own timidity, she dismounted and hurried along the weed bordered walk, and knocked at the door.
  • Are we to stand idly by, and let the work go on, lest in the rebuke we tread upon the long trail of some popular vanity?
  • She had grown to dislike him from the impertinent rebuke Miss Calvert had administered to her on his account.

Definition of Rebuke

To criticise harshly; to reprove. | A harsh criticism.
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