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  • That recalls an observation of my own.
  • It recalls her to the outer world.
  • It recalls him to the proportions of the job.
  • And all this recalls what my father used to say.
  • Distinctly it recalls the events of one evening years ago.
  • Slowly, as one recalls a dream, it came back to him.
  • Her presence recalls John to his senses.
  • The B especially recalls his mode of writing.
  • Another extract recalls the "pantheism" of Schelling.
  • The Castle Public-house still recalls the older name.
  • The very name recalls to him a thousand endearing recollections.
  • This reaction recalls the formation of a manganate under similar conditions.
  • This recalls the story in Straparola (XIII.
  • She recalls all this very clearly, although hesitatingly and unwillingly.
  • It is a rash wife who recalls to her husband the days of single life.
  • The mention of his rambles in the rain recalls his fondness for the open air.
  • Its name alone recalls the most fearful period of my whole life.
  • Hobart, Lord, 160, 290; recalls Captain King, 162.
  • The soul recalls with ease all long-forgotten or much-dimmed sensations.
  • Soissons was laid out on a plan which recalls the plan of Noyon.
  • The writer recalls a little incident as characteristic of Chambers.
  • The passage recalls a discussion one day at the Priory in 1877.
  • One character alone recalls Chaucer's earlier heroine.
  • Its general aspect recalls a small town of the western highlands of Scotland.

How To Use Recalls In A Sentence?

  • Again and again he recalls the scenes of his love until his eyes are suffused with tears.
  • She recalls everything that has been said and wonders if a different meaning were meant.
  • It recalls his greater books only by the fidelity of the tone and the clearness of the pictures.
  • Is there anything that civilized man recalls more poignantly than the menus of yesterday?
  • This rather recalls the relative positions of scapula and coracoid among crocodiles.
  • The long backward and forward motion recalls to the rider the swells of the sea.
  • The very name of the street in whose narrow entrance we still stand recalls the tribunals.
  • Mention of the fish bait recalls what strange things occasionally happen in relation to hunting.
  • He runs over the arguments on both sides, and recalls the centuries of discussion on the subject.
  • His touch recalls her to life, and rouses within her a sudden outbreak of passion.
  • The writer well recalls that peasants seldom failed to promptly sign their names to receipts.
  • It now has died out, and no one recalls enough of its exact detail to learn its real name.
  • The bull makes them think of the green meadow; the horse recalls the country to their minds.
  • The general appearance strikingly recalls Egyptian monuments of the same date.
  • This recalls the worship of sacred bushes common among the ancient Lithuanians.
  • The canal recalls that on the tow-path the barefooted Garfield began his career.

Definition of Recalls

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of recall | plural of recall
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