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  • He laid down the receiver and turned towards the fisherman.
  • He hangs up the receiver and his wife falls asleep again.
  • His receiver took several forms, all electromagnetic.
  • Although this receiver shown in Fig.
  • Such a receiver is shown in cross-section in Fig.
  • Their receiver is shown in cross-section in Fig.
  • Hardly had the receiver been laid down when the door-bell clanged.
  • A battery and magneto receiver are connected in series with the device.
  • The telephone receiver itself serves a useful purpose as an audible signal.
  • The working parts of this receiver partially disassembled are shown in Fig.
  • Sketch a Western Electric receiver and point out its deficiencies.
  • Describe the direct-current receiver of the Automatic Electric Company.

How To Use Receiver In A Sentence?

  • Usually after this announcement she would hang up the receiver and go about her work.
  • This receiver is of the direct-current type and employs but a single cylindrical bobbin of wire.
  • Receivers of today differ from this old single-pole receiver in two radical respects.
  • When, however, the receiver is supported on it, the lever is depressed by its weight.
  • The most noticeable thing about the construction of this receiver is the absence of permanent magnets.
  • If in testing a line the capacity is changed what are the results found on the receiver and transmitter end?
  • Notwithstanding this undesirable feature, this receiver is a very efficient one and is excellently constructed.
  • The receiver in this is shown as being removed from the hook and thus the talking apparatus is brought into play.
  • Abbott wanted to fling the receiver into the mouth of the transmitter, but his patience was presently rewarded.
  • Connected between the two limbs of the line at the substation there is also the receiver and the secondary of an induction coil in series.
  • The telephone receiver is the device which translates the energy of the voice currents into the energy of corresponding sound waves.
  • Thus, in the common-battery telephone the subscriber has only to place the receiver at his ear and ask for what he wants.
  • It seemed satisfactory, for she accepted it cheerily and hung up the receiver with an expression of great content.
  • If a party in calling finds that his own line is busy and he cannot get central, he may leave his receiver off its hook.
  • The receiver in this circuit is placed in the local circuit, and is thus not traversed by the steady currents flowing in the line.
  • As a result, the receiver will be connected between two points of equal potential, and no direct current will flow through it.
  • By this use the transmitter and the receiver are placed in series across the line, this path being normally opened by the hook-switch contacts.
  • Now that these two are to be combined in one passion, and that directed against the receiver of rent, matters do not present a promising outlook.
  • By "side tone" is meant the noises which are produced in the receiver at a station by virtue of the action of the transmitter at that station.
  • And generally the power of the receiver is unequal to that of the giver, like the bounty of Heaven, to which no man can make an equal return.
  • From this it follows that alternating currents will be impressed upon the right-hand line and these will affect the receiver at Station B.
  • The innovation thus proposed by the Dean Company of making the entire receiver shell of steel is of great interest.
  • For what purpose is a condenser placed in the receiver circuit of each station in the K.B. lock-out system?
  • The operator in order to communicate with him inserts the plug in which her telephone terminates into the jack, and removes her receiver from its hook.
  • The speaking observer will notice that the sounds he hears through the receiver in series with the line steadily grow louder as the capacity across the line increases.
  • A one-half microfarad condenser is placed in the receiver circuit at each station so that the line will not be tied up should some subscriber inadvertently leave his receiver off its hook.
  • This receiver is therefore illustrative of the type mentioned above, wherein the relation between the diaphragm and the pole pieces is not dependent upon any connection through the shell.
  • The use of the so-called direct-current receiver has brought about a great simplification in the common-battery telephone circuits of several of the manufacturing companies.

Definition of Receiver

A person who or thing that receives or is intended to receive something. More formal, usually referring to one who receives such things as an award or medal.
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