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  • Suddenly his receivers buzzed.
  • But are not the receivers as bad as the thief?
  • Two laughs met over the wire, then two receivers clicked.
  • The receivers of money were busily counting up the piles of silver.
  • In the turrets the officers fitted telephone receivers to their heads.
  • But suddenly he jammed the receivers back on his ears and sat tense.
  • The receivers consist of microphones, one on each side of the ship.
  • Then he permitted Henry to clamp on the receivers and listen in.
  • The usual diagrammatic symbols for hand and head receivers are shown in Fig.
  • The receivers rattled to the red blotter, and Peter rushed out on deck.

How To Use Receivers In A Sentence?

  • One of these receivers pointed to the harmonic telegraph and the other to the speaking telephone.
  • The comptroller has the absolute appointment of all receivers and fixes their compensation.
  • The marquise receivers her husband like a forgiving wife and a dying Christian.
  • Two operators sat at a wonderful Marconi outfit with receivers clamped to their ears.
  • Some light is thus shed upon a subject which has puzzled both shippers and receivers of crepe rubber.
  • Notwithstanding this, these receivers were capable of giving excellent articulation and were of marvelous delicacy of action.
  • It is alleged that the prices paid by these receivers of stolen property was a good deal higher than forty lire.
  • As these were written from testimony gathered on the spot, such as the accounts of the receivers now lost, etc.
  • This is still done, and necessarily so, in receivers employed in connection with magneto telephones.
  • After the others had seen him take his seat and adjust his receivers to his head, they withdrew from the wireless room.
  • Then there was a crackling sound in the receivers that were clasped to his head, and with a thrill he knew that someone was trying to get him.
  • He saw that the major had struck his head against one of the receivers and he lay on the ground, dazed and unable to move.
  • Here we see the germ of that discord which everywhere in Europe exists between the payers and receivers of rent.
  • Then he turned to the captain, who had taken his place at the forward porthole, and had adjusted the telephone receivers over his ears.
  • Walters grinned and pulled the major back to the desk where they continued their discussion of the receivers on Mars.
  • Now you are lords of countless acres, masters of millions, who live or perish as you will; receivers of enormous tribute.
  • Then he slipped the receivers on his head, threw over his switch, and sent the bright sparks flashing between the points of his spark-gap.
  • Willie said he would sit by the wireless table and keep the receivers on his ears so that Charley could get him at any time.
  • Harrison slipped the Murdock receivers over his ears, and his voice went on in a weak, garrulous and meaningless whimper.
  • A silence ensues, the letters are distributed, and, too anxious to know their contents, their several receivers open them upon the spot.
  • At the central office in telephone exchanges the operators are provided with receivers in order that they may communicate with the subscribers or with other operators.
  • With his telephone receivers the operator can hear the passage of the waves as they are brought to him by his aerial and the dots and dashes sound as buzzes of greater or less length.
  • A condenser is placed in series with each of the bells in order that there may be no direct-current path from one side of the line to the other when all of the receivers are on their hooks at the several stations.
  • Other advantages accruing are incalculable, for the children themselves have become intelligent and conscientious co-operators with their elders, instead of passive receivers or antagonists.
  • Two receivers clicked and Kenny, remembering that he could not definitely locate Joan until six, felt the tautness of his control slip dangerously.
  • The resulting mass is then macerated in a little water and placed in bags and subjected to pressure, and the milky juice which flows therefrom is collected in receivers placed below.
  • I made a great number of different kinds of receivers that were capable of receiving either musical or articulate sounds, as has many times been proven by experiment.

Definition of Receivers

plural of receiver
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