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  • The horses were weakened by lack of food and by the hardships of the recent days.
  • Theologians have added in recent days a new subject of controversy to this vexed matter.
  • His suspicions were on the alert because of the happenings of recent days, and he halted.
  • The recent days had been gliding by, as days sometimes do when brightened by the mystic influence of congenial companionship.
  • He had been the one man selected for the position when the most important and far-reaching amalgamation of recent days had taken place.
  • They lay on the grass by thousands, and exhausted by the movement and marching of recent days they slept heavily.
  • In more recent days, it has been suggested that all known forces are variations of a great universal force, which may or may not be known.
  • One of the features of recent days is an antiquarian revival, which has tended to preserve for Highland children the great intellectual advantage of a bi-lingual education.
  • Back in her brain lay the memory of Freddie's violent protestations of love, uttered during those recent days in Paris.
  • Life moved quickly, crowdedly, down the Rue Valette, and this baker's shop had gathered more than one crowd about it in recent days.
  • Probably at that remote period a journey from Pucklechurch to the north of Scotland would have been considered as great an achievement as that in recent days of Dr. Nansen in his endeavour to get to the North Pole.
  • A forcible book of recent days calls the suggestive power of the psychotherapist "The Great Psychological Crime.
  • The President referred to the former conversation, and then inquired whether any changes had been made, and especially within the recent days, in the military forces under Emory's command.
  • Yet popular novelists of recent days have invented ladies disappointed in love or fresh out of the drawing-room turning into the war-hospitals to find their wounded lovers, and when found, forthwith abandoning their sick-ward for their lover, as might be expected.
  • It was not until comparatively recent days, that is to say, in the time of your grandfather, that the attempt to cut a canal across the Isthmus was successful, and the man who did it was Ferdinand de Lesseps, whose statue stands on the breakwater.
  • The value of all the public edifices and reconstruction was appraised by D. Simon de Ayala as amounting to two hundred and fourteen thousand eight hundred seventy-three and one half reals; in the light of more recent days a very small amount in proportion to the number and the importance of the buildings constructed.
  • The little torch disclosed a hard earthen floor, upon which the skins of wild animals had been spread, log walls with wooden hooks and pins inserted here and there, evidently within recent days, a strong board roof, rafters from which skins and some tools hung, a fireplace with a stone hearth, and four narrow skin couches, three of which had been often occupied, the fourth never.
  • Then the lady wrote as follows to M. Barres: SIR: One of these recent days, when our troubles have been so hard to bear, I went to regain my courage into one of the beloved sanctuaries of Notre Dame....
  • In part, no doubt, against the King's officers, but, mainly, against the Mayor and Burgesses of Oxford, between whom and the scholars there was a simmering hostility bursting into periodical melees answering to, but infinitely more sanguinary than, the "town and gown rows" of more recent days.
  • Macy's not only helps to dominate the advertising pages of the newspapers of New York and a good many miles round about it, its red star not only gleams in Herald Square, but in these very recent days upon the high-set electric hoardings of Times Square that blaze forth far into the night; it finds its way into the public thought here and there and everywhere.
  • Standing there with Deane on the hilltop at evening, looking off at that town where they had both been brought up, she got a sense of the significance of the whole thing--the eleven years away, and the three years preceding those years; a sense too of the meaning of those days just past, those recent days at home when there were times of being blinded by the newly seen significance of those years of living.
  • The walls are quite modern, having all been rebuilt in my father's time, except only the few great foundation boulders, piled around the oaken couples; and parts of the roofing also may plead guilty to having found its way thither only in recent days; but the architect's one idea survives, baffling time and change--the ribs and rafters of oak.
  • And so did I myself, in recent days, Find her asleep and rigid in the woods,-- '
  • Up to the very recent days of Meiji the precincts of the Shiba San-en-zan Zo[u]jo[u]ji, now known more particularly as the most accessible of the burial places of the Tokugawa Sho[u]gun, were an excellent example of the old monastic establishments.
  • In more recent days, Wordsworth has introduced it in one of his sonnets:-- 'And oftentimes will start--
  • Englishmen often of widely different types and characters, like Bradlaugh and Hume and Webb and Sir William Wedderburn, and in more recent days Sir Henry Cotton and Mr. Mackarness--and upon them must rest no small responsibility for the diversion of many of the best talents and energies of educated India from the thorny path of social reform into the more popular field of political agitation.
  • Doubtless he, as others, has found the task something more than arduous, and no doubt he has searched the scene that lies below him, yearning for that peace of mind which oblivion has yielded in recent days to so many souls which have passed beneath the shining surface which encircles this iron-bound coast."
  • In the few years that have ensued since the country's occupation by the whites, the once masterful Spokane tribe has degenerated, the Indians around Spokane to-day shambling about under the generic epithet of "siwash"; and a writer visiting this region in recent days came to the etymological conclusion that the first syllable in their unhappy title stood for "never."
  • For instance, the gorge of the Niagara Falls was begun in comparatively recent days, yet, judging by the rate at which the falls are now receding, it must have been at least 31,000 years since the making of the gorge was first begun, and it may have been nearly 400,000 years.[A]
  • [Sidenote: Until recent days many believed that matter could be created or destroyed.]
  • " The examples of Bayard,--_sans peur et sans reproche_,--of Sidney, of the heroes of old or recent days, are for our imitation.

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  • In recent days that passed, he had seen it in her face.
  • In recent days the waters of the Meuse have often flowed blood-red.
  • Kwaiba has needed no aids to his looks--up to recent days.
  • SIR: One of these recent days, when our troubles have been so hard to bear
  • no notion of her recent days was now valid.
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