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  • With recent blood besprent.
  • Do you agree with our recent definition?
  • Nothing more charming has appeared in recent literature.
  • The second phrase was of far more recent origin.
  • Yes, this was implied in recent admission.
  • In recent days that passed, he had seen it in her face.
  • It did not take Pep long to recite his recent adventures.
  • The recent visit of a squadron calls therefore for a passing mention.
  • More recent rent collections, unfortunately, were not so satisfactory.
  • Jessie turned it over, examining some gaping rents, evidently of recent make.
  • Just recent I come nigh to losin' my whole basket.
  • A more recent form of LeClanche cell is shown in cross-section in Fig.
  • Of the Major's more recent figure, the less said the better.

How To Use Recent In A Sentence?

  • I observed the delicacy with which you engineered the recent exodus of the policeman.
  • As has been intimated this condition lasted down until a comparatively recent period.
  • The last two volumes will be devoted to the most recent of contemporary authors.
  • We know this, because the custom of lighting the fire survived until very recent times.
  • In recent times a good deal has been said of the cosmical, sidereal, and telluric life of man.
  • Another form of armature largely employed in recent magneto generators is illustrated in Fig.
  • In Strathearn, we lately heard of a very recent instance of this wolf-like ferocity breaking out.
  • Two juveniles, apparently recent hatchlings, were found on June 28 and July 5.
  • Mr Joseph Wolf and Mr Lewis are perhaps the best draughtsmen of the lion among recent artists.
  • Does the recent adoption of a new course of treatment by a few prove that it ought not to be generally adopted?
  • Bert gave them a brief review of his recent movements, and they listened with the greatest interest.
  • She was a little nervous about surprises, since her father's recent effort in that line.
  • Not until then, with their parting imminent, did he summon up sufficient ease to tell her of his recent stroke of fortune.
  • Stealthily he peeped into the kitchen; no one was there, the few smouldering ashes in the grate being the only token of recent occupation.
  • The people of this city, and outlying towns and villages, have been behaving very strangely in recent times.
  • Sometimes the boxes or cabinets of these sets are made of wood, but of recent years the tendency has been growing to make them of pressed steel.
  • The Major's recent prosperity seemed not to have affected his dwelling-place as yet.
  • We have cut from a recent paper, what seems an authentic story, of one of this race having obtained a kind of mausoleum.
  • Besides, by recent actions of the colonists, the resentment of the Indians had been fanned to a fury.
  • And that that is actually the case Virchow may easily convince himself if he looks over the recent literature of zoology and botany!
  • The spectral phenomena of the ancient Swedish folk-lore differs in no respect from the current histories of recent date.
  • This is especially true of many tales for any young children reprinted by special arrangement from recent English sources.
  • One would therefore come to the conclusion that the plate was a British product, dating back to the period of some not very recent census.
  • In the recent victorious operations of the Russian Army the cavalry have taken a conspicuous part.
  • The third order of fairies was that of the Buccas, an amphibious species, to whom down to recent times offerings of fish were made.
  • It is only in very recent times that accurate and reliable means have been worked out for measuring the small currents which flow in telephone lines.
  • And then Juan goes on to explain that the recent unusually wet weather has made many lame, etc., etc.

Definition of Recent

Having happened a short while ago. | Up-to-date; not old-fashioned or dated. | Having done something a short while ago that distinguishes them as what they are called.
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