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  • Nothing was ready for their reception there.
  • Is this my reception after so long an absence?
  • Her reception room was dark.
  • It was a warm reception they got.
  • It was my formal whole-hearted reception into his life.
  • Like that of the knights, their reception was secret.
  • For the kind reception and entertainment: thanks.
  • The reception of this perturbed Shorty to his depths.
  • His reception in Philadelphia was exceedingly brilliant.
  • At evening the guests met in the reception rooms of Tamiya.
  • It was a sinister reception for one small boy on a spent horse.
  • They went to the reception room, where Madame de Provost awaited them.
  • I mean the reception they have given to the Frith Street Alliance.
  • Marlborough's reception was truly a contrast to his departure.
  • Pud Palmer--one of the reception committee--was singing.
  • Miss Mitkin, yawning at the reception desk, didn't know exactly why.

How To Use Reception In A Sentence?

  • The man of black robe was carried off to a better reception than so far experienced.
  • We had reason also to applaud the gracious and polite Reception which he gave us.
  • Her visitor's reception of Philippa's greeting promised little in the way of enlivenment.
  • The reception and standardisation of latex by dilution has already been discussed in Chapter VII.
  • They were told at their reception that they might abandon themselves to all kinds of licentiousness.
  • They were not the degraded wretches who made the darkness of an alleyway the reception room for their lovers.
  • The reception of the clergy was the same as that of the knights, with the omission of such questions as did not apply to them.
  • Those who at the time of their reception would not comply with these practices were put to death or imprisoned.
  • Imagine that for this tête-à-tête dinner the creature had got himself up as if for a reception at court.
  • Stunned by the reception they received, those who had not been killed or wounded beat a hasty retreat.
  • They had arranged for the reception and delivery of their traps from Fairlands to the new playhouse.
  • The reception of a knight took place in one of the chapels of the order, in presence of the assembled chapter.
  • After much thought, she had decided to hold the reception after the wedding in the front room, as it was the largest.
  • The owner of the place led his young guests through the vestibule into a hallway, and pointed to a large reception room.
  • It is suggested that it should be the business of a European to supervise the reception of latex every day.
  • With few exceptions no provision by native Americans has been made for their reception in their new places of residence.
  • Now the reception is cold indeed; and therefore, as the asylum abroad is destroyed, the hardship at home is doubled.
  • In the late afternoon Altiora was at home to various callers, and in the evening came dinner or a reception or both.
  • Our reception made us imagine for an hour that our arrival perceptibly heightened the general joy of the Washington anniversary.
  • It was announced that his Mamma was about to join him, and that a suite of apartments was being already prepared for her reception at the Palace.
  • If I had known the sort of reception that awaited me here, I should not perhaps have been so anxious to do my duty.
  • The reception of the serving-brethren was the same as that of the two higher classes, the necessary difference being made in the questions which were asked.
  • On some estates this practice is not found necessary, but a quantity of solution is always placed in the bottom of the reception vessels prior to the straining of latex into them.
  • She had been made chairman of the committee on decoration for the sophomore-freshman reception along with all her many other duties, and had entered into it as conscientiously as she went into everything.

Definition of Reception

The act of receiving. | (uncountable, electronics) The act or ability to receive radio or similar signals. | A social engagement, usually to formally welcome someone.
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