Receptionist In A Sentence

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  • It was the receptionist again.
  • The receptionist said, "Good afternoon, Dr. Haer.

How To Use Receptionist In A Sentence?

  • Susan, the human receptionist in the outer office, favored him with a dazzling smile.
  • He jumped up from his desk and hurried across the room as soon as the receptionist opened the door for us, his hand extended.
  • The receptionist announced him and Philon walked in to find Rakoff awaiting him behind his beautiful carved desk.
  • There was a receptionist in the small office beyond, a bit of ostentation Joe Mauser seldom met with in the modern world.

Definition of Receptionist

An employee (such as a secretary) who works in reception (receiving visitors and/or calls) for a person or business, especially an office.
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