Reciprocated in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Reciprocated

1. She reciprocated his passion. 🔊

2. Ramon reciprocated with gifts of tobacco and whisky. 🔊

3. She reciprocated it, and promised him her hand. 🔊

4. And she, in return, reciprocated his affection. 🔊

5. His love had been fully reciprocated by O'Hana. 🔊

How to use Reciprocated in Sentences?

1. Fabens was pleased with his neighbors, and warmly reciprocated the interest they took in him. 🔊

2. Many times the churches reciprocated with considerable material as well as spiritual assistance. 🔊

3. A gleam of indignation flashed from his eyes, which was reciprocated by his captors. 🔊

4. The corporal reciprocated later with a machine gun, not for the love but for the bullets. 🔊

5. She may have reciprocated his affection at one time, but her manner was inert and unresponsive. 🔊

6. The State reciprocated by cutting off his head, for republics are always ungrateful. 🔊

7. I had loved her to distraction; and how the knowledge that she reciprocated my affection had rendered me the happiest man in the world. 🔊

8. They related principally to the union of kindred hearts, and the joys of reciprocated feeling and the pains of absence. 🔊

9. Jacob, who might have been dining alone, reciprocated the sentiment as they solemnly toasted one another. 🔊

10. Claude de Verre soon fell over head and ears in love with this girl, who reciprocated his passion and married him. 🔊

11. To tell him how his daughter, who was now for marriage fit, Had winked upon a sorter, who reciprocated it. 🔊

12. And their regret in view of his approaching removal was fully reciprocated by "Cobbler" Horn himself. 🔊

13. Enemy stretcher-bearers were also at work and in some instances they reciprocated attentions given to their wounded, by dressing and carrying our casualties. 🔊

14. The announcement of the peace was received with general joy throughout the garrison, and this feeling was most fully reciprocated by the disheartened and weary enemy. 🔊

15. Seeing that his friend in the chimney-corner was the only one who reciprocated his joviality in any way, he held out his cup towards that appreciative comrade, who also held out his own. 🔊