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  • Among these were the lines "To Helen," which were recited with a fervor approaching solemnity.
  • After dinner we recommenced our studies and recited for the third time at four o'clock.
  • Prayers for the dying were said with as much solemnity as if they were being recited in a church on land, or in a cloister.
  • The following ritual is recited on the occasion of taking a new name and is a dramatic poem in three parts.
  • Parts read or recited from this straightforward, dignified translation in blank verse will be appreciated by children.
  • After the meat has been cooked, the sick person speaks the same prayer which he recited before the animal was killed.
  • Invariably he spent some part of his day among his beloved peasants, and daily he recited with them public prayers.
  • These innocent words, recited by the child with charming grace, were listened to with religious solemnity.
  • So now Dot recited as much of "The Night Before Christmas" as she could remember.
  • He recited the serial number, and pointed to different scars and scratches on the weapon, telling how they had been acquired.
  • The genial old fellow had been interviewed so many times that he knew the story of his life almost by heart and recited it with great gusto.
  • We find the art of poetry also making its contributions to religious art; poems are recited bearing on the history of the god.
  • They recited them together, with mutual pleasure, in a sort of measured chant, and laughed heartily when they had done so.
  • Watching fords was a ready mode of intercepting the marauders; the names of the most noted fords upon the Liddel are recited in this verse.
  • All these things are explained, studied, and recited in classes, when every one knows that little practical use can ever be made of this knowledge.
  • It was a matter not only of concern but of surprise to me that not one of the three contributions recited above was accepted by the English Press.
  • In senile fashion, to show off, he recited the names of the Roman emperors, in chronological sequence.
  • And the one who had passed it off as her own, the one who had been the head performer, and who had recited the verses, was Edith Whiton!
  • A short prayer is recited over the dead, either in a mosque or in a place particularly dedicated to this service in or adjacent to the burial-ground.
  • This ceremony being ended, the men recited the Arabic Fat-hah, after which they left the grave of their dead comrade to think no more of him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Recited | Recited Sentence

  • Soon afterward it was recited again.
  • Josephus recited an instance of his voluptuousness.
  • Simonides recited a triumphal ode.
  • Be sure that all the passages read or recited are short.
  • Supplied by Motherwell from a recited copy.
  • Texts of the Vedas to be recited on solemn occasions.
  • Colman Ela recited it in his refectory thrice.
  • To him Rutford recited what he knew and what he suspected.
  • His poetry, recited thus, gained much of distinction.
  • He recited one of the Psalms and then offered up a prayer.
  • I always recited the same five verses every Sunday.
  • Every day the Cave-men recited the brave deeds of the clan.
  • He studied and recited his morning lessons, and then again looked out.
  • The evening prayer was recited by all, then the women sang the canticles.
  • He recited other verses for her, and the girl listened in a trance of delight.
  • Miss Carrie was an elocutionist and had even recited on the stage.
  • He, at least, will know that history, not fiction, is recited here.
  • At such moments My tongue recited what no man could bear to hear.
  • And, as if in riddle, he recited to Dearborne, who understood his conjecture.
  • The boy, stammering and sobbing, recited the Pater and the Credo.

Definition of Recited

simple past tense and past participle of recite
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