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  • I reckon they looked good to each other.
  • I reckon some others has, too.
  • I reckon you could pan fifty pans a day.
  • Host, to reckon without the, 104.
  • But they had forgotten to reckon with Jane!
  • I reckon I savvy wine some.
  • And I reckon some of my money went to pay for it.
  • I reckon Gregory thought he got me first shot.
  • Well, I reckon somebody will show me the way.
  • I reckon one of us winged him, for I saw him winch.
  • I reckon it's the same way about behaviour too.
  • I reckon all the boys'll know about it by this time.
  • I reckon you done your dam'dest as the song says.
  • I reckon this man knows his own name without any outside help.
  • I reckon he thought this was a hard sort of a world to get along in.
  • And, as some reckon fortunate, ne'er married.
  • They're after the gold, and they reckon to scare me into tellin' where it is.
  • I reckon yo' air a Yank in disguise.
  • I reckon you two ain't goin' to let go your grip on that account.
  • No, I reckon as he was at the very least two hours over that job.
  • Report mentions many Bascourts, but we could not reckon above seven or eight.
  • I reckon little Louise had somethin' to do with gettin' the kid the job.
  • I reckon he allowed he'd been Queen of the May.
  • I reckon that young devil was the famous boy scout of the Merrill Hoss.
  • I reckon I learned six of 'em since I seen you last.
  • I reckon I will go, too, if I can ever get this faintness out of my legs.
  • Horner knows I'm in on this play, I reckon I better go m'self.
  • I reckon we oughtn't to holler if the star travels some fast.
  • I reckon you'll understand better if I tell you how it came about.

How To Use Reckon In A Sentence?

  • I reckon we'll just naturally have t' pike along after 'em an' take care of it ourselves.
  • But I reckon some of 'em would take the side of a woman what's been treated so.
  • Low in her saddle, Dicksie tried to reckon how far they had come and how much lay ahead.
  • They reckon it impregnable, for this Reason, perhaps, because it was never taken.
  • Do you reckon I'd let a line fence stand between me and you, speakin' poetical?
  • Still, there wasn't much sickness, and I don't reckon the homeopath ever did winter through.
  • This here man comes from Philadelphy, which I reckon is right near the place where oysters grows.
  • I reckon she's likely to go off at any time, and she wanted to be back where she was born.
  • When the boys came to reckon up the proceeds of the evening they found them to be several dollars over what they had taken in the first night.
  • The most ambitious reckon their needs on a princely scale, as if determined to beg, when they have to, with all their might.
  • Events of the succeeding thirty-six hours were to show that I did not reckon without my host on that score.

Definition of Reckon

To count; to enumerate; to number; also, to compute; to calculate. | To count as in a number, rank, or series; to estimate by rank or quality; to place by estimation; to account; to esteem; to repute. | To charge, attribute, or adjudge to one, as having a certain quality or value.
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