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  • This was something he had not reckoned on.
  • You have reckoned without your host.
  • And all number is to be reckoned among things which are?
  • A large family is reckoned a misfortune.
  • Happiness as reckoned by sages, 130.
  • The dude reckoned it was worth five hunderd.
  • A hundred dollars a month is reckoned high pay.
  • But I had reckoned without my host.
  • In Germany feminine beauty is reckoned by hundredweights.
  • Was he actually a force that would have to be reckoned with in the future?
  • In those administrations there are reckoned to be about 18,785 souls.
  • Then the dealer reckoned that she could get the lot for seven pounds.
  • All salaries are reckoned on contingent, as well as on actual services.
  • But Brandilancia had not reckoned on the cupidity of his host.
  • It was as if Mills represented something initiated and to be reckoned with.
  • Who could have reckoned upon the boat being hit, twice, at that distance?

How To Use Reckoned In A Sentence?

  • Like the contemptible little army itself they proved a factor to be reckoned with.
  • At their rate of progress we reckoned it would take several months to finish either.
  • His vexation upon finding that nothing upon which he had reckoned was provided, may be imagined.
  • To cheerful sins the human heart they lure, While ours are reckoned gloomy and obscure.
  • So high his matchless courage rose, He reckoned death among his vanquished foes.
  • Miss Sarah Dymmock was a personage to be reckoned with in the Maynard household.
  • Amongst his irregularities, it must be reckoned that he is sometimes moral, and moral in a very sublime strain.
  • Whether British statesmanship has always sufficiently reckoned with its existence is another question.
  • There were herds of swine where the old oak forests had not yet been cut, but the swine-herd is usually not reckoned among songsters.
  • The rest of the way it is a deep, sluggish stream, so that the descent may be reckoned within less than three miles.
  • It is true that in Fairy-land there are advantages which cannot always be reckoned upon by commonplace children in this commonplace world.
  • Mrs Yabsley anxiously reckoned the number of guests; she had reckoned on twelve, and there were twenty.
  • These events were, perhaps, to be reckoned as fairly casual things in the life of a railroad which, to almost any community is life itself.
  • He seemed to expect King to take a chance and go forward, but if he did he reckoned without his guest.
  • A crowded, beflowered church bore witness to the fact that Darcy was still a name to be reckoned with in the community.
  • In old Egypt, it was established law, that the vote of a prophet be reckoned equal to a hundred hands.
  • Bucks, who, indeed, could hardly be reckoned so much of the company as its head, was a man of commanding proportions physically.
  • He reckoned her, his sparkling evil eyes sized-to-mind and personal passions, her plump and full mouth that glistened with the juices of youth.
  • Lloyd reckoned the Lady and her glass, drawing a feeble connection between them, that he thought was the reason behind her moody behaviour.
  • What a delightful mixture of child and grave woman she was at that time, and how little I reckoned on the part she would play in my life!
  • The expense of horsing a four-horsed coach running at the speed of from nine to ten miles an hour was reckoned at L3 a double mile.
  • In the service of France alone 450,000 Irish soldiers were reckoned to have died between 1691 and 1745.
  • Well, then, I said to mysel', 'It's all for th' best,' an' I reckoned to bide as I were.
  • Famine, typhus, frost, war, suicide, and effete races, must be reckoned calculable parts of the system of the world.

Definition of Reckoned

simple past tense and past participle of reckon

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