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  • It is a real recluse and suggests the druidical.
  • The Recluse bowed his head.
  • The text says in the Burgundian or recluse fashion.
  • The Recluse was sitting on a bench outside his cave.
  • The Child and the Recluse passed out into the forest.
  • He was generally known as the recluse of the White House.
  • The recluse of the island had brought it as a weapon of defence.
  • She disarmed the suspicion of recluse scholars by the absence of bookishness.
  • Here in prayer and toil the pious recluse spends his days and nights.
  • Grandpapa told me that ill health had made you a recluse and avoid society.
  • Strange to say, the recluse in life had become very vital in death.
  • I loaded my piece without delay, and followed the recluse out of the house.
  • And yet, though a recluse and student, he had great experiences with life.
  • The Recluse led the way up the nave to the north side of the Altar.

How To Use Recluse In A Sentence?

  • The effect designed was to concentrate the entire thought of the recluse upon himself.
  • It counts the recluse who fasts among scorpions in a cave as no better than a deserter in hiding.
  • We must be better acquainted, and a poor sick recluse may certainly claim forbearance.
  • So much of a recluse she was learning that Iemon had long been the talk of the ward.
  • I was as recluse as ever I had been at the convent, but how different was my seclusion.
  • The service was not very long; then the Recluse went up into the old grey stone pulpit.
  • He was a rich bachelor, who lived the life of a bookish recluse in chambers in the Albany.
  • It never occurred to her that he might be found in the shy, dreamy recluse of Golden Milestone.
  • There was something in the old power of architecture, which it had from the recluse more than from the citizen.
  • In the forest of the Sage Gautama there dwelt a Recluse named Mighty-at-Prayer.
  • The food of the recluse was brought to him by servants and placed in an outer room so that he should never be disturbed during his calculations.
  • The voice of inspiration is heard oftener through the realities of life, than through vain regrets and recluse dreams.
  • Frequently there is a room over the porch of a church which may have been used for this purpose, the recluse living usually in the church.
  • Being a recluse from the world, her life consecrated to study, she was playing the part to perfection.
  • Bertha finds her grandfather a recluse and a miser, and in the hands of an underling, who is his evil genius.
  • The monk's back was turned, so the new recluse snatched the slight figure to his heart.
  • A day is at hand, a dangerous day for the recluse obliged to quit its excellent retreat and face the perils of the surface.
  • President Wilson, who by inclination and habit is a recluse and a lonely worker, does not like company.
  • If this voluntary recluse came or went in the palace or in the streets of Ferrara he seemed to be searching for something which he could not find.
  • She herself entered into a narrow hut, where the recluse Citia had established herself, and led a cloister life.
  • They were printed here, in 'The Recluse '(1888), and in my 'Life of Wordsworth' (vol.
  • First the mother died, then the elder sister; and then the younger sister, left alone with her recluse father in that awful house, became a maniac.
  • For I never can doubt that, with all her recluse life, she knew intuitively that some time her lines would be read by folks who would love them.
  • The grateful warmth made the Child sleepy, and she gave a start when she found the Recluse standing by her with outstretched hand.
  • The mountain summit is too far removed from the walks of men to make it possible for the recluse to wield all the influence that his powers may entitle him to exert.
  • In a word, the gay life of Paris is all forgotten, and you would imagine that my recluse friend was a hermit, a sort of lay nun, as it were.

Definition of Recluse

(now rare) sequestered; secluded, isolated | (now rare) hidden, secret | (obsolete) to shut; to seclude
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