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  • He recognizes the original of his own natural self.
  • But knowledge recognizes no national barriers.
  • Now Plato fully recognizes these facts.
  • The Court recognizes the need for a change in the Law.
  • One hardly recognizes the old Kentucky Home.
  • Feisul smiled with the air of a man who recognizes but is unconvinced.
  • The world feels this and recognizes the unusual place this gives us.
  • The New Testament recognizes no such human positional authority.
  • NANNA (whilst she recognizes BALDER).

How To Use Recognizes In A Sentence?

  • It recognizes the gradual development from the simplest to the most complex forms.
  • You persecute a man, and then say he has a persecution complex if he recognizes the fact.
  • Abbot recognizes the face at the open window as that of an old family friend nodding good-night.
  • Creusa, amazed, recognizes the old basket-cradle in which she had exposed her own child.
  • No other contemporaneous history recognizes such an assumed history as that which I challenge.
  • A compromise recognizes and perpetuates, in part at least, the very thing which stands in the way.
  • To-day every German recognizes who is our principal opponent in this world war.
  • It recognizes the ordination of the Episcopalian and the baptism of the Baptist.
  • France recognizes the independence of the United States and forms an alliance with them.
  • Susy recognizes that when she mentions Sour Mash it is not necessary to localize her.
  • You cannot believe that the world recognizes a difference between women with sentiments and sentimental women!
  • Its essential feature is that it recognizes the validity of all entities and groups about which deep feeling has grown up.
  • There is too much mechanical malice in their tragedies and too little of the passion that every man recognizes in his own breast.
  • There is no criminal so stupid but recognizes this terrible fact, though he may not be able to account for it.
  • Everyone of us recognizes that a well-thought-out plan is behind all this; even the enemy has premonitions of it.
  • A congregation readily recognizes a preacher of strong convictions, broad sympathies, and consecrated personality.
  • Every one, of course, now recognizes the fact that the position of women is to-day in a transitional and experimental stage.
  • Here is one who recognizes the dignity of service, and who shows by humble acts that mark each hour, she loves her neighbor as herself.
  • It recognizes the fact that finite things can not be rightly understood without knowing their relation to the Infinite.
  • The only politics which the honest man now recognizes is, the best way to save the country; to raise its armies and fight its battles.
  • But Neumann has proposed, on the contrary, a theory in which he recognizes that the luminous vibration is in this very plane.
  • It recognizes merely a partisan tribal Deity who cooperates with a people to realize its own ends, however unworthy and debasing those ends may be.
  • But the same caution which forces the admission of such possibilities demands a great deal of evidence before it recognizes them to be anything more substantial.
  • The Christian state recognizes the legal existence of Corporations, and depends on their organic co-operation.
  • He may be unaware that it had anything to do with his nervous symptoms but he recognizes the experience still as soon as his attention is directed towards it.
  • He modestly recognizes the good qualities of other nations, and seeks diligently to acquire them in so far as they harmonize with his natural capacities.
  • Every one recognizes them as the natural physicians of the household, and under all our ordinary ailments it is to some wise woman of our family we go for advice or assistance.
  • When a girl recognizes her pregnancy she at once joyfully tells her condition to the father of the child, as all women desire children and there are few permanent marriages unblessed by them.
  • He recognizes a Great Spirit, he loves his home, he is passionately devoted to his people, and believes in a future life.
  • The boundaries of the world are wider than the field of this observation; and what man recognizes in the visible must be supplemented and fertilized by what he is able to know of the invisible world.
  • Germany recognizes that all agreements between herself and Siam, including the right of extra-territoriality, ceased July 22, 1917.

Definition of Recognizes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of recognize
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