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  • He had moments through the night of recognizing the deceptiveness of his senses.
  • It can be remedied only by recognizing the different classes of taxable property.
  • Then recognizing her, he flew on her and beat her almost to a jelly in his insane rage.
  • Esmerelda had described the cottage so minutely that I had no trouble in recognizing it.
  • The priest and bachelor, immediately recognizing their friends, ran toward them with open arms.
  • Sam slowly raised his head and looked at Cleary for some time without recognizing him.
  • At this question their leader came forward, and recognizing Banfi, humbly doffed his cap.
  • He came very slowly and, recognizing Arnold, waved his gray Homburg hat with a graceful salute.
  • It rose steadily out of the water until there could be no possibility of not recognizing it as the top of a mountain.
  • He looked up, not immediately recognizing the Category Military, Rank Private, before him.
  • Instantly upon recognizing their old-time friend and helper the three chums started in his direction.
  • He was carrying something on his shoulder, which the watcher had no difficulty in recognizing as a small barrel.
  • The change of my looks, from youth to manhood, and the change of my circumstances, prevented them from recognizing me.
  • He checked his thoughts, recognizing that it is not sane or safe to permit oneself to interpret the conduct of a person whom one does not like.
  • With a telescope it is a most interesting region, but with less powerful instruments one must be content with recognizing its outline and color.
  • Helen, recognizing the returning tide of his love, to which she related no self-seeking, was radiant.
  • The clerk, recognizing the voice, turned instantly and ran into the store, banging the door after him.
  • He picked one up, not noticing apparently my reply, and recognizing the view, instantly his face brightened.
  • The make-ups of illustrious historic personages seemed perfect, both as to portraiture and costume; one had no trouble in recognizing them.
  • She told me afterwards that there had been no need for me to be anxious about her recognizing Mademoiselle Therese.
  • As I was passing to the hall, a paper was placed into my hands by a person who gave no other means of recognizing his presence.
  • None of them had thought of lighting the gas and the night shadows that had crept into the room prevented them from recognizing the intruder whom they now faced.
  • But the most profound consequence of recognizing the social side of the farm question will be the new atmosphere created at the agricultural colleges.
  • When they emerged, Mrs Yabsley cried out in admiration, not recognizing her own daughter for the moment.
  • It was vital to John's plan that Warde should see him without recognizing him, and give chase.
  • For malice is a grievous malady which depriveth man from recognizing the Great Being, and debarreth him from the splendors of the sun of certitude.
  • The Prince, however, was not cast down at this, for he thought he would have no trouble in recognizing Hyacinthia.
  • The young are dropped in February and March, and their owners mark them by slitting the ear, each person recognizing his own by the mark.
  • Schwann and his immediate followers, while recognizing that the bodies of animals and plants were composed of cells, were at a loss to explain how these cells arose.
  • It is indeed for the purpose of recognizing this Most Great Cause that they have come out of the world of non-existence into the world of being.
  • The King put his head out of the carriage window and, recognizing the cat, ordered his attendants to go to the assistance of the Marquis.
  • But with them, when she fell fainting in her husband's arms on recognizing Awtry, the light of reason expired, and the soldier's wife was a maniac.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Recognizing | Recognizing Sentence

  • He rose quickly upon recognizing his visitor.
  • She turned livid with fear on recognizing Kibei.
  • He looked around him in the vain hope of recognizing some familiar headland.
  • There is an old blind dog, recognizing his friends by the sense of smell.
  • They moved a little in my direction, incurious, recognizing me slowly.
  • Oh yes," said the doctor, recognizing the voice now.
  • Upon recognizing Leslie, this performed evolutions expressive of great joy.
  • The Gray Dragon had paid him the compliment of recognizing in him an enemy.

Definition of Recognizing

present participle of recognize
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