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How To Use Recommend In A Sentence?

  • I have nothing to excite my distrust of the people, but much to recommend them to my favour.
  • I would scarcely recommend you to run the risk of another person publishing a continuation.
  • There came to be several brands which he could recommend personally, several vintages as well.
  • There is a point which I should gravely recommend to writers on the orthodox side.
  • We recommend our readers to consider well the Gospel texts relating to this subject.
  • I have used, and I recommend a breastplate on the principle of a hunting breastplate.
  • This opportunity is taken to recommend the matter to Your Honours as regards this Commandement.
  • Long after that Mrs. Kenton continued to recommend people to the Kaiserin Elisabeth.
  • I will now review the reasons which recommend their adoption and the benefits likely to accrue from them.
  • I recommend the best execution of these orders, so that no further obstacle may intervene to my recovery.
  • There are so many good collections of the great and inspiring poems that one hesitates to recommend any collection.
  • These he lays beside each passenger, stopping now and then to recommend one or the other for some particular excellence of morality or binding.
  • To preface a story with the information that it is true, is not, therefore, the way to recommend it.
  • He can recommend my resignation, he can do what he damn well pleases, so long as he leaves me here to finish this work.
  • Then, and only then, did we consider it advisable to recommend the use of sodium bisulphite in general estate practice.
  • His voice is said to recommend what he utters, and a singularly refined accent gives distinction to anything he says.
  • They are lying in the top drawer of that cabinet at this moment, and I should recommend you to have another look at them.
  • Sleeping-draughts may be useful to help a sick man through a bad night, but one does not recommend them as a cure for ordinary healthy thirst.
  • Specious, untried, ambiguous prospects of new advantage recommend themselves to the spirit of adventure which more or less prevails in every mind.
  • It can hold them collectively responsible, as some Indians themselves recommend for crimes perpetrated by youths whom they have helped to pervert.
  • We have now seen the nature of that freedom of the will which the immortal Edwards has exerted all his powers to recommend to the Christian world!
  • I recommend expression of regret for loss of so many American lives, in whatever form may be possible without admission of our responsibility.
  • As a scientific study we would recommend it to ladies as next to botany in interest and in the ease in which specimens may be collected and examined.
  • We can heartily recommend it, either as an introduction to the subject or as a satisfactory manual for those who have no time for perusing a larger work.
  • I was dissatisfied with my trainer and asked friends at the Jockey Club in Paris to recommend me someone.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Recommend | Recommend Sentence

  • But it seemed to recommend itself to him.
  • We can strongly recommend the story.
  • His magnificent body was all he had to recommend him.
  • I recommend you seriously to turn this in your mind.
  • Let me recommend to you a new field of action.
  • I have to recommend that this order be strictly observed.
  • I recommend him to your hearts, and to your eyes.
  • Let me recommend my learned brother to try the flavour.
  • Need I recommend discretion in your demands?
  • You recommend No. 3 to be used?
  • I recommend you to be cautious in your intercourse with him.
  • I don't recommend what you want to do.
  • He came to me to recommend a good officer to command the Jheend troops.
  • Need I say that this was Raban, who had come to recommend a tutor to George?
  • Or: "If you have dessert ices, let me recommend you coffee-cream.

Definition of Recommend

(transitive) To bestow commendation on; to represent favourably; to suggest, endorse or encourage as an appropriate choice. | (transitive) To make acceptable; to attract favor to. | (transitive) To advise, propose, counsel favorably
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